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All Knowledge Must Conjure Up Its Adversary


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#724 Nov 9, 1990 – 1:07 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :11. 
Part of the inherent, essential responsibility of things and processes is to defend themselves, protect their genealogy e.g., knowledge (what if knowledge were created to protect itself?). E.g., experts defending their field of expertise even when it is ultimately indefensible.

Experts are sought out for their explanations by the City mentality even when everyone knows their knowledge is flawed; e.g., weather forecasters undertaking a program of expansion and improvement to the field via the study of chaos theory, is nothing more than an elaboration of their basic ignorance. Ignorance protects itself too. All knowledge must conjure up its adversary.


For NP: pick out something in conversation that makes you laugh; consider how (not “why”) you can and do laugh.

The News


…and Kyroot said:
Always act like things are more exciting Than they actually are…
(Just in case they aren’t.)


…and Kyroot said:
Watch out for the backlash it’s coming.


.. and Kyroot said
An inherent, essential responsibility of all things, and every process
is to protect itself, and preserve its genealogy.

…(Think about this, no one else does.)


…and Kyroot said:
I’ve heard of a man not far from here,
Whose hobby is reattaching fallen limbs to trees;
It is also said that at least one major city
Has asked him to become the person responsible for
Making up each day’s news,
And another wants him as their spiritual commander.


… and Kyroot said
you could say that This-Kinda-Stuff is EVERY body’s kid.


…and Kyroot said:
Good City Life Advice-On-The-Half-shell: When in doubt – stand for something,
Or align with an institution.
(And of course
If this doesn’t work ¬Write your memoirs.)


…and Kyroot said
The ill will
of the Revolutionist
should be confined to actual acts of murder.


…and. Kyroot said:
Then there was also this one guy Who’d only speak to himself Through a curtain.


…and Kyroot said
If you ever found creatures who,
instead of a “god thing”,
worshiped a “god-of-processes”- and knew what they were doing,
then get away from there as quick as possible
cause they don’t know what they’re doing.


…and Kyroot said:
As he lay dying
At the foot of his bookcase
With his final gasps this one man said,
“Looking back over my life”, (here
He paused and looked back),
“I have but one regret – My serious
Underestimation of Mathew Arnold.”


… and Kyroot said
The consummate model of a monopoly is human knowledge.


…and Kyroot said:

The better the memory, The worse the memory.


…and Kyroot said:
The grand voice of mortal philosophy cried out again across the cosmos,
“Life is a book,
And man still awaits a competent translation.”,
And one small planet thought,
“That all sounds profound and promising
Unless you realize that man is the author of

, 06/11/90- (8.5)

.. and Kyroot said
A thinker with a mission is no longer a thinker.


…and Kyroot said:
Regardless of the maxims writ and bartered in the City I can assure you
That while there it is not even remotely possible to “Think too little and talk too much.”


…and Kyroot said:
Here is an old, but classic Fairly Tale
That some of you may have missed as children;
Once upon a cliche’
There was a guy who made tapes of himself talking about stuff
Which were later viewed by certain select groups,
But were also open to public attendance,
And ofttimes after the guy had concluded with
The comments he intended to be available to whomever,
He added an “Epilogue” to be seen only by the select groups,
This he would mention at the conclusion of the public tape,
And anyone in attendance at a showing who was not part of
The local select group would be asked to leave the viewing room,
And the Epilogue was always the same;
The speaker simply instructed the select group to sit there
Quietly for four or five minutes
Then laugh and holler uproariously for a minute or so,
Then to leave the viewing area and rejoin the members of
The public who had been positioned just outside the door
To hear all of this,
And the select group was told to be smirking as they
Came out of the room, but to quickly cease doing so as
Soon as the public attendees had all seen the little drama.
…(In some sort of homeostatic reflex it is said that one fine day this Guy’s own mind did the very same thing to him.)

r 06/11/90-(11)

…and Kyroot said:
I understand that the hottest new question Sweeping the world of Psycho-Anthropology is
“Who was the first modern man to see himself naked?”


… and Kyroot said
A youngster writes from over that way, and asks, “If people didn’t tell ‘what-kinda-guy-they-are’ would they actually BE a guy?”

-!. 06/11/90-(12)

…and Kyroot said:
If you think anything’s wrong Then EVERYthing’s wrong….
(Oh, okay,
So I should strive for increased Truthfulness periodically;
So…okay, there are some things
That are wrong, flawed and dangerous..
Now do you feel better.)


…and Kyroot said:

True facts are not
Usefully true if they can Turn on themselves.

All City data is kamikaze.)


…and Kyroot said:
ALL City governments are puppet regimes propped up by
“god knows what forces” (and of course,
“A Revolutionist knows what forces.”)


…and Kyroot said:
One fellow who sometimes spoke publicly about
Revolutionist type matters was approached after
such an appearance by a man who said that he found
much of the comments “interesting”, then hesitated and said,
“Before I go on, I trust you can handle an insult?”, and
the speaker nodded for him to continue;
The man then said, “For some time I have followed your activities,
and have attempted an investigation of your background, and
I must tell you in spite of the intrigue of your comments
I think you MADE IT ALL UP!”, and
our sagacious subversive thought, “You call THAT an insult.”


…and Kyroot said:
One fellow’s Last Will & Testament read: “Being of sound mind
I do hereby declare.”


and Kyroot said
One ole man told his kid
(or perhaps it was the other way around – you figure), “If you ever get out of my clutches
you’ll think what ever they want you to think.”


…and Kyroot said:
Question: Why is history so popular?
Answer: Because it’s so cheap to write about.


…and Kyroot said:
Another ole sore head decked by-heck all in corduroy
Told his equally fashionable son,
“Just trying to think about something as
Frightening or dangerous
Won’t necessarily make it so – but it’s worth a try.”

a 06/11/90-(18)

…and Kyroot said:
So okay,
I’ll concede you this much; Under many City conditions
suffering DOES bring out the best in people but also note
this does not include those DOING the suffering.


…and Kyroot said:
If you wait for them to invite you you’ll probably be the last to arrive.


…and Kyroot said:
Down in the City,
from a crowd in the park,
a voice arose over and over,
“My name is Troy – have you seen Helen?”…think of it
“Have you seen Helen?”…a figure of dubious existance
publicly seeking a twice removed enigma – AND
his routine environment taking it seriously – and more than that,
a local reporter solemnly interviewing him for a story.
…(By such fascinating intrigues,
through such exhilarating slaloms does the Secondary sector succeed and confound.)