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‘I’ Is a Natural Outgrowth of ‘Not-I’


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#718 Oct 26, 1990 – 1:11 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :12. If Life had a name it would be: Life L. Life. If Growth had a name it would be: Growth 0. Life (0 for organization). The Secondary Level World natural world outgrowth is organization. “I” is a natural outgrowth of Not-I. There is a strict need for organizing processes in Life. Organizing requires organizations (institutions) which assist it. Organizations assist man in organizing his thoughts, feelings and actions, and are regarded as separate from man.

Single individuals sought out for their advice always give advice as part of an organization; there is no possibility of one-on-one assistance in the organizing of one’s self. How would a Real Revolutionist be has own organization? Without organizations man wouldn’t know how to think, how to act, what to do next. Organizations are stabilizing forces, regularizing, restraining.

Organization and distinction and division are synonymous. Organization requires known, stated and standardized laws which restrict behavior or it collapses. Rules and organization are operationally synonymous. New Intelligence would find such rules and organization anathema to its own evolutionary needs.

The News


…and Kyroot said:
Do remember: The first Kyroot is always the hardest.

– 05/28/90- (2)

…and Kyroot said:
One fellow looked at his mind in the mirror,
Then looked at This,
Then back to his mind,
Then back to This, and said,
“Nawwww, I don’t think so,
I think too much as it is.”, and
Someone reading this later said
That they didn’t think he, “per-zactly
Understood what it was all about.” (No,
Not per-zactly I’d say.)


…and Kyroot said:
When you’re not looking for anything in particular you can look ANY where.

. 05/28/90-(3)

…and Kyroot said:
A certain gentleman writes to say that,
“Everyone is part of my mind – and note,
I did not say my mind was part of everyone else;
Please, for your thinking convenience,
Do not confuse the two.”


…and Kyroot said:
Action can only be analyzed post-op.


…and Kyroot said:
In a land of extremely
heavy metaphors
one ole man counted his blessings thusly, “One, two, three, four…”


…and Kyroot said:
In the reading of his will
It was found that this one guy
Left the following comment to himself;
“Up until the very end,
It was indeed,
My very great pleasure.”


…and Kyroot said:
One tried and true, and
Otherwise reliable correspondent says
He has seen a twenty foot tall man in his backyard.


…and Kyroot said:
If life weren’t so serious it wouldn’t be so funny.

„ 05/28/90-(7)

…and Kyroot said:
One kid told the ole man,
“I’ll feel satisfied with my life
If I know I’ve at least helped you
Slay yourself, and burn your fields.”,
And the elder thought, later that day,
“I don’t believe he was
Talking about suicide or destruction of property.”


…and Kyroot said:
One guy stops by to tell us
that he simply doesn’t see how it could
ever be possible that he could
live somewhere new if it wasn’t
where he was already living.

1 05/28/90-(8)

…and Kyroot said:
Although I was in a hurry, and
Didn’t have time to stop and investigate further,
The other night
While cutting through the park
I heard,
Coming from the speaker’s area,
Someone crying out,
“Home improvements for the mind,
Right over here,
Home improvements for the mind.”

c 05/28/90-(8.5)

…and Kyroot said:
A Neural Revolutionist trying to “inform the public”
is like a stud bull singing grand opera.

.(There’s no connection between the two, but SO WHAT!…[that’s
just the point,
now ain’t it].)


…and Kyroot said:

One man’s trash is
Another man’s garbage.


…and Kyroot said:
At a social gathering at the City University
I overheard one fellow say to another these words,
“Regardless of one’s attitude, or indifference towards
the institutions of religion
I do not see how a truly enlightened man
can hold a passionate disbelief in a god;
After all,
what ‘thinking-man’ would not like to meet some
one more intelligent than himself.”


…and Kyroot said:
Said one guy,
“I’m beginning to get it now;
Life wouldn’t have invented
Chocolate AND vanilla unless
It’d ‘a wanted to know which one was best.”

4 05/28/90-(11)

…and Kyroot said:
One guy who was alive for a while Ain’t any more.


…and Kyroot said:
A guy passed me in the park and growled, “The things in life you can’count on’ ain’t worth countin’.”


…and Kyroot said:
A man’s mind might be his diet;
The problem is in deciding at which meal to commence the connection.


…and Kyroot said:
Over in that City district between
Technology Towers and the University Hospital
a sincere appearing gentleman looked closely at his brain and announced, “If you ever get these things perfected, call me.”


…and Kyroot said:
This one author,
As a spur to his creative steed,
As he was writing,
Simultaneously sing aloud
The national anthems of countries he didn’t know.


…and Kyroot said:
“I’m sorry sir,”
said the pretty official…maybe that should be “petty official”
none the less he told the citizen,
“I am indeed truly, truly sorry, but
according to our official directives,
‘One who is blind cannot properly appreciate
how ugly one is’.”;
After a mutual pause the civilian muttered,
“I do so truly hope this has no appplication
regarding intelligence.”


…and Kyroot said:
On this one
Geometrically aside planet
They have attempted to bridge the frequencies between
The animalistic, macho sections,
And those drifting therefrom
To such a fever that their most popular,current sport is
“Chess Played With Fork Lifts.”

05/28/90- (14.5)

…and Kyroot said:
If you discover something you can become famous…
…(There is one exception to this.)


…and Kyroot said:
“I sorely beseech thee, my brethren”,
Cried out the captain of their spiritual institution, “I beseech thee not to do this terrible thing.”, and The people yelled back,
“What terrible thing?”, and
Immediately their religion disappeared (only to be
Replaced the Next day by a New, improved Version).


….and Kyroot said:
When this one fellow first heard the truism, “fair’s fair” he just absolutely went to pieces.


…and Kyroot said:
The powers of one state decreed that
According to his own wishes
A condemned prisoner could be either
Executed at the university,
In the sports stadium, or
Over by the cemetery;
This in line with what the king said
He perceives as a,
“Kind of choice even in death.”


…and Kyroot said:
There’s only
ONE possible treatment for Some people’s lives.


…and Kyroot said:
This one ole, I’ll call him a sore head
cause that’s what most of you’ll wanna think
when you hear this,
declared the following,
“If you hate somebody bad enough
to tell ’em how much 3761.1 hate ’em
you don’t really hate ’em enough to be fooling with it.”

· 05/28/90-(18)

…and Kyroot said:
There was this
One ole guy down in the City
Who took a good – I mean a good long hard look
At life and muttered,
“I’ll be impressed later.”


…and Kyroot said:
A major difference between adults and children in the City world
is in the seriousness of their whine.


…and Kyroot said:
The ultimate melting pot is IN man.


…and Kyroot said:
Another of the unseen benefits of being intellectually out of evolutionary step
is that,
“The age in which we live” is NOT
the age in which YOU live.


…and Kyroot said:
As one mother
Shooshed the nippers out
For the day’s play
She reminded,
“Don’t forget now,
Brains just wanna have fun.”


…and Kyroot said:
Dialogue heard near one Revolutionist Camp: “What we need is a ‘stripped down’ version.”, (second voice):”But that’s what we’ve got.”, “Then strip it some more.”