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Thinking More Than Necessary Is Not About Quantity


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#716 Oct 22, 1990 – 1:08 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :09. Ordinary thinking is unable to entertain, hold the reality of, deal with processes except when they come to a conclusion, i.e,, are completed (by the mind). Knowledge is taken to be operationally synonymous with thinking.Real Revolutionist thought does not use knowledge as fuel like the ordinary thought process does.Real Revolutionist thought is thinking rather than “knowledging”. Thinking more than necessary does not involve greater quantity.

Knowledge is the temporary cessation of thinking. When the Real Revolutionist allows the means to become the ends (i.e., thinking become knowledge) his possibilities are at an end. The means and the end are two different things to a Real Revolutionist.

If men didn’t take the Secondary Level World seriously, it would collapse; Primary Level World needs no supporters, defenders. An expanded view of “the world’s big enough for everybody” is the realization that the world is that big and getting bigger because there is everybody; total diversity. Life’s supreme efficiency: groups of men each literally charged with the responsibility for passionately, provincially promoting and defending some specific Secondary Level World activity.