Jan Cox Talk 0706

Plain-Speak Is Forbidden in the World of Connections


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#706 Sep 28, 1990 – 1:11 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :13. Qualifiers and the lack of “plain-speak”. Plain-speak is forbidden in a world of connections; it is the short-circuiting of required energy routings. Why is it necessary in court to require people to “swear” by an oath to tell the truth in giving evidence. Why does ‘telling the truth’ receive such lengthy emphasis? It is because plain-speak is ordinarily impossible; it interferes with the world of connections, the continual re-routing of energy within life via “circumstances” “consequences” and other qualifier words.

Response to question re: isn’t. there more to This Thing than “just talk”? You miss it if you don’t suspect ‘just talk’ in This Thing is more than just talk.

What are expectations? Why are they so deep-rooted in human nature? Without expectations there can be no Secondary Level World. Expectations assure the shift in connections; expectation assures upcoming variety.

What is the energy behind man’s belief that “others don’t understand me or: they wouldn’t mistreat me so” The energy is the feeling that normal expectations have broken down, tailed; that normal energy flows have gone awry.


and Kyroot said:
The primary world
Through sex,
The secondary through talk.
Kyroot said:
Another ole sore head,
Just over there,
Leaning on academia bushes
Says he clearly sees
The specific time that
Man began to stray from his natural path,
And it was, he avers,
When he ceased to write
Autobiographies as fiction,
And began to base them on the actual life he had led.
…and Kyroot said:
Another good thing about being a Revolutionist – a REAL Revolutionist, is that you can’t retire.
04/30/904 3)
…and Kyroot said:
The first guy stood and declared,
“I state forthwith
My extreme pleasure and relief
At having at least
Lived through the Industrial Revolution.”,
To which his second guy replied,
“Not likely: – You’re not old enough.”,
And number one fellow exclaimed,
“WHAT? – you mean it’s still not over?”
…and Kyroot said:
“Mentioning” something to a Revolutionist can be as good as “explaining” it.
04/30/904 4)
…and. Kyroot said:
The Age Of Merriment
Still lives:, but
To re-join the festivities
You must avenge the present
Lack of chivalry towards stupidity.
….(Excalibur exists Though it’s now Wedged in our own Critical mass.)
…and Kyroot said:
One guy who’d apparently
really been mistreated by life said
“I can take it.”,
which proved to be a damned efficient arrangement.
…and Kyroot said:
Spaketh one good father
With one good eye,
If you’re gonna
Keep on being sarcastic
You might as well go on and
Get a job.”
…and Kyroot said;
If you don’t care what people think of you they won’t much…
(It really, really helps
if you do the same about them.)
04/30/904 6)
…and Kyroot said:
Over in a slightly sifted – I mean, shifted, Time zone,
A little group calling themselves the “Pro-Thinking Society”
Has as their motto,
“Oh, Hi There.”
04/30/904 7)
…and Kyroot said:
One god said
That his job would
Actually be pretty boring – to a human.
..and Kyroot said:
A warm part of one guy’s brain cried out,
“Face it, Claude, a verb is not a home!”, and
while he was staggering about
under the dazzling weight of this explosion
his left foot suddenly injected,
“Hey, but neither is a noun.”,
“Wow!”, gasped his pockets, “That’s ALL T needed!”
…and Kyroot said:
Talk is to time
As silence is to silence.
…and Kyroot said:
There are monarchs of the mountains, and kings of the ravines,
and often do their interests overlap, and often is it not seen by the people.
…and Kyroot said:
When offered the choice Between “two evils”
Select the one with staying power.
(A short lived frolic
On the rack,
Takes you there then Snaps you back.)
…and Kyroot said:
Those who can act excited ARE excited.

04/30/904 10)
…and Kyroot said:
(You might care to jot this down): If half the people are right,
And half of them are wrong – Even if!,
There’s still TWO eternities.
…and Kyroot said
Okay then –
Those who can act – and you really gotta know how to pull this off – those who can act knowledgable
ARE knowledgable.
041301904 11)
…and Kyroot said:
One kid,
Who seemed to revel in being so,
Thought to himself – Oho else),
“An unexpected thought is like
Having a relative you didn’t know existed
Not come see you.”
and Kyroot said:
This one ole dude
when he be hangin’ out and socializin’ with his more “arLy” and talented friends,
quite often, after several alcoholic beverages, would loud-enough-to-be-heard say,
“You don’t have to be crazy to be creative but aren’t these (tau d’oeuvite.6 tasty.”
(Yeah – but all-the-same,
EVERY body knew what he meant
except him.)
..and Kyroot said:
One fellow
Who would ingest only
Herbs and shoots
Did so by explaining that
His literary mater was killed by a couplet.
…and Kyroot said:
A certain Revolutionist from another district
once noted to an aide that from a particular view
men could be seen as constituting three different camps;
The Ordinary,
The Revolutionists, and
The Pretend Revolutionists,
and the last group believe they’re the only ones
“living a natural life”, and
“doing god’s will”
while the true Revolutionist knows that
this distinction most properly belongs to the Ordinary.
04/30/904 13)
…and Kyroot said:
The sound of gunfire
Rings mainly in the memory.
…and Kyroot said:
Aggression Update Number,”Laugh-Not-Guaranteed”:
One ole sore head, on mornings he awoke not feeling particulary angry, would become very frightened.
…and Kyroot said:
Over on this one world,
Fairly complex by certain verbal standards, They say that a man who
Wouldn’t cheat his brother
Wouldn’t save his mother from drowning (They also say
They’re misundersLood By their neighbors).
…and Kyroot said;
This other guy suddenly slapped himself on the forehead
(since he was the closest)
and exclaimed,
“Well now, by god, well NOW Z get it;
How clear can it.be; To have ‘human emotions’
you just gotta be human.”
04/30/904 15)
…and Kyroot said:
Catching a train
In the City
Can be almost as profitable As missing it was yesterday.
…and Kyroot said:
Over at a recent God Convention
a terrible fight broke out…Ah, I was just fooling, I made that part up –
There wasn’t any damn “god convention.”
…and Kyroot said:
Those philosophers of ‘ore
Who went forth seeking the
Wise and perfected man
All returned with major complaints,
Condemning men for having characteristics.
… and Kyroot said:
As regards the continual chase
From processes to things-specific,
Back to processes and on again to things-specific,
Take apropos note:
You can’t become rich
Without becoming a rich person (This is no less so
Regarding death.)
…arid Kyroot said:
A fellow with a simply stunning
booby collection
said it was, “Just one of several
normally overlooked rewards of coming in last.”
(A nine-foot-pole-manufacturer
hearing this comment remarked that he wouldn’t touch it even with a competitor’s product.)
…and Kyroot said:
What’s left after you
Get through talking about something Is what you had before you started.
Maybe Day-0…)
..and Kyroot said:
Early one morning,
quite unexpectedly,
certainly before he had time to leap or pole vault
from the bed to get a pencil, or some other sharp object
with which to fend,
one guy’s brain told him,
“Those who sometimes make reference to an ‘unwarranted conclusion’
don’t know the half of it.”, and
the chap suddenly both tensed and relaxed in a state of
pre-dawn light and exclaimed for himself,
“Hell, those who refer to unwarranted conclusions
don’t know the ALL of it.”
…and Kyroot said:
Anything that’s Food for thought
Is fodder for humor.
…and Kyroot said:
Instead of saying,
“category, type, sort, style or species”,
this one cat,
when he meant,”genre”
would say, “genre.”
…and Kyroot said:
Having a pithy conclusion Is NOT the same as Having a pithy.
04/30/90- (21)
…and Kyroot said:
All that other stuff’s gain’ on just so yours can.
(P S – There’s a longer
version of this but “WHO-NEEDS-IV”)