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All That Men can Dream of Is Somewhere Already Past..


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#701 Sep 17, 1990 – 1:01 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :08. Part of the appeal of religion is in the intellect’s yearning for habit. The more intellectual and educated a man is the less religious he is. Secondary Level World runs on ever greater variety, the Primary Level World runs on habit. The brain/organ operates on variety and as such is radically different than the lower, organs which operate via repetition, iteration of process. Thus the brain longs for a homeland it never had, and man longs for the Garden of Eden he never inhabited. Nothing escapes the need of the Secondary Level World.

Preface and footnotes are all part of the text. All excuses are part of the performance. Once a process is cut into thing-specifics, polarized within a homogeneous flow, it becomes vulnerable to the instantaneous shift to its opposite inherent in polarized reversals; the previously indifferent response becomes critical (or approving).

It’s hard to be mad when you re right; but you can’t be mad unless you believe you’re right!

Attempts at change must be confined to what’s possible, i.e., SL/secondary level not the PL (at least not to start)


…and Kyroot said:
Out on that unused playing field
Just west of the park
I heard a fellow talking to himself
As he ambled about in increasingly
Larger circles whilst making hand gestures
And chewing on a leaf;
The part I overheard went thusly,
“If the worst part of being dead
Is NOT in being gone
Then that would mean that
The worst part of being alive
Is NOT in being here.”
He then began leaping into the air,
clicking his little heels,
And cried,
“Ouuu – I love it, I love it;
I do dearly,
Almost love it.”
..and Kyroot said:
All that man can dream of Is somewhere ready past.
..and Kyroot said:
No one dreams of freedom more, Or thinks of it less Than the imprisoned.
…and Kyroot said:
As always,
(And even today),
‘Tis hard to follow your talent
AND be respectable (much less, successful).
…and Kyroot said:
On his death bed,
One fellow’s last words were, “I ain’t GOT no last words.”
…and Kyroot said:
Some Terpsichorean advice overheard
Twix father and son
During the “early-mid-years” of their dance;
Don’t let the big boys push you around,
Unless they’re bigger than you and
Seem to want to push you around.”
…and Kyroot said:
No explanation is a
complete explanation
…and Kyroot said:
In the Secondary world,
The question of whether civilized or nay
Be based on the intensity of the struggle within.
…and Kyroot said:
One consolation
Available to all -“It’s never too late for tomorrow.
…and Kyroot said:
New verse in the
“Song For Man’s Life”;
“Stamp out the old,
Bring on the new – I mean,
Weed out the ill, and
Serve up the good – I mean – Ah, shut the fuck up, y’all.”
…and Kyroot said:
To taste freedom
amidst our life long subjection one must heed the Muse ^f Variety.
04 /18/90-(1 0)
...and Kyroot said:
To be passionately patriotic
Can at first seem good,
Inthat it displays a joy
Of being alive,
But it ultimately asks that it be at
Someone else’s expense.
(Such remains the
Nutritional needs of Mother Life, Sub ko4a belch.)
..and Kyroot said:
In this one City’s government
is a small – small?, hell, a one man department
with the title,
“Look On The Brighter Side Bureau”,
(which originally was to be named the,
“Things Could Be Worse Board”,
which even now some cynics refer to collectively as,
“Things Are Worse Now Because Of The
‘Look On The Brighter Side Bureau’.”,
it seems due to the less than dazzling success
and public acceptance of its sole offical and spokesman
who many critics further say only has the position
based on his political kinship), but be all that
as it will probably may,
I thought I’d give you some idea of the quality
of his output;
from the office of the,
“Look On The Brighter Side Bureau”
last Thursday’s ofiical proclamation was as follows:
“Although a man can slap his own face
at least he can’t kick himself in the ass.”
…and Kyroot said:
In some places,
Humor will prevail.
(Sad to say,
But as with
Everything else, this too,
Yields to additional conquests.)
..and Kyroot said:
You might think that,
“That that’s strongest,
Lasts the longest” – but then
Longevity becomes the power supreme.
(And Wilbur told Orville,
“I like it,
I b’lieve it’ll fly.”)
…and Kyroot said:
The speaker concluded his otherwise unremarkable remarks by saying,
“Man’s ability to exaggerate has no (thank god) – apparent limit.”
…and Kyroot said:
In some cosmic jurisdictions, Those who say,
“Why I’m so overcome
I’hardly’ know what to say.”, Are not overcome enough.
…and Kyroot said:
Were we to take the
Everyday mental activities of men
And turn them to a commercial metaphor,
We could say,
“Shopping at K-Mart won’t
MAKE you cheap,
But it can KEEP you cheap.”
(And further on down the bar
A fellow said,
“The question is:
If Shakespeare were alive today Would he be writing for the National Inquirer?”, but Next to him another chap Countered,
“Nay, nay; the real
Question is: Should a Critic be allowed to Review his own work?”)
…and Kyroot said:
Repeat when necessary, refuse when possible.
…and Kyroot said:
One ale-sorely–timer one day
Announced to his brood,
“Any of you who still can’t see
The ‘justice-of-it-all’
Can just kiss my paternal ass, or
Else consider why those
With weak minds are the ones who say,
‘The legs are the first to go’.”
…and Kyroot said:
Upon reading an honored axiom, “Force is not a remedy.”,
This one chap averred as to how This was not only correct, but Even more so;
He says it should fully read,
“Force is not MERELY a remedy,” (Now there!)
…and Kyroot said:
Being fully outfitted for battle in Boise, May just be cute in Butte.
(As the elephants grew close
To the Skippy plant Even Hannibal had to Call for his atlas.)
..and Kyroot said:
All closets stink.
…and Kyroot said:
In more complex worlds,
The difference between an
Offensive and a defensive weapon Is intelligence.
…and Kyroot said:
Variety can move in
all possible secondary directions.
…and Icy-root said:
Then in the City a cry went out, “Hold up there;
You can’t identify the bodies until the killing stops.”
…and Kyroot said: smiled…and got wet…GOOD
Tonight’s Bed-Bye-Story: Once, and wet:
While waiting for the rain to stop, ,.
A man suddenly became revolutionized..