Jan Cox Talk 0695

The Fourth “S”–Stimulation


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#695 ** Sep 3, 1990 ** – 1:05 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. The 4th “S” (beyond Sustenance, Sex and Shelter). The Secondary Level World is a place of variety attempted of the Primary Level World basic ‘S’s. Variation of these three is all that’s available in the City. The striving for greater and greater variety of the ‘S’s = growth in the City and includes the renaming of things. Variety is a measure of growth/civilization; older, stagnant areas of growth evidence a glaring lack of variety. The 4th ‘S’: stimulation (neural)—but note that the vast majority strongly avoid stimulation to thought in favor of further elaboration of the 3 ‘S’s reality (especially via memory). Resistance to the 4th “S” is evidence by the love of the old ideas, aphorisms etc.

The ‘S’ of sustenance is the first among equals of the three (“All taxes fall ultimately on agriculture”). All restrictions and energy channeling of SL activities must ultimately fall on PL ‘S’s. Note that there are virtually no taxes on the 4th ‘S’. It is almost as if the brain is treated as an organ of little consequence save for lackluster idling of the City intellect and the necessary brilliant breakthroughs needed for Life’s growth. The intellect has the ability to be too abrupt for all except the Real Revolutionist.