Jan Cox Talk 0694

Silent Force Amid Life’s Noisy Changes


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#694 ** Aug 31. 1990 ** – 1:12 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :05. The story of a people allowed once-a-month realization of the PL/primary level basis of all SL/secondary level activities is connected to the intrigue with the “noble savage”—the return to simpler times.

The “New Dance Partner” distinct from C,D, and E forces: the “Silent Force”. Note that all change, growth is noisy. There are certain aspects of everything that are unknowable (therefore unexplainable) to man: the Silent Force, ungraspable, unapproachable by the 3-d intellect. The SF is not hidden behind C,D, and E, just invisible to and beyond SL intellect which must constantly define, explain and defend itself via polarized speech. The SF is not positive, not negative and not neutral. Note Life (in the Secondary Level World) is not enamored of silence. Civilization is not possible without talk. It is as though silence is almost too abrupt; too close to being abrupt (unexpected, without warning).

Note however that there is nothing in the Secondary Level World that is truly abrupt, unexpected, unconnected to anything; anything abrupt would be a spontaneous generation, an impossible, ultimate thing-specific break from the continuum/process of reality. Instances of actual abruptness in life are quickly reduced to beige and Muzak. Note there is no word for true abruptness in life, and that ‘abrupt’ doesn’t mean truly abrupt.

1:03. Epilogue: there is nothing abrupt in life, including abrupt change in This Kind of Stuff (TKS).

And Kyroot Said…

Subheader: You Need To Have A Background
Footer: J

Pacing back and forth, is not as useless as some seem to think, if your destinations are the two aforementioned directions.

Employment Update – Flash, Flash And Then Some:
To do right in the City, you need to have a background.

Just before the ship goes down, for the third time, many people wish they had a subscription to Popular Mechanics.

Do not bother to look up the word, “Irony”, in the dictions – it is the dictionary.
(All speech is born with one foot; only the ironies of a three dimensional world, however, can make it walk.)

There is one planet, (out over that way), that is so obliquely layered, (compared to yours), that they will write a roman a ‘clef, based on the life of a fictional character.

Subheader: Must Explain And Defend Itself
Footer: J

“Son”, said the wisely ole man, (I shat bother to tell you how he came to be called such), “To help cut down, on your participation in future fool’s errands, let me suggest that you remember this; only the genes speak for gods.”

Remember this, (and be comforted if you like, it costs no more), while visiting The Hall Of Mirrors – There are just as many questions as there are answers.

Only the Secondary must explain and defend itself.

The ole man pulled the kid up close, petted his own chest softly, and said, “I am pleased to have been of service.” And the kid thought, “To whom?”

Remember what they say, in the Three Eyed League; if you don’t win, you can’t play the game.

Subheader: Even The Blind Would Be Neural Barons
Footer: J

Lack of communications between the provinces,
does not necessarily trouble the capital.

Sometimes after unwittingly frightening himself, one guy would offer up reassurance to himself by saying, “Hey, it’s only me.

If having ‘em in your sights assured you of a kill,
even the blind would be neural Red Barons.

The only legit reason to buy a hero, is to later beat him up.

One youngster, (who may be on the way to being on to something), cried out, “Nay, nay, Grand Prix, I want to live where Popeye makes spinach strong.”

Subheader: Failure to Reach It Ain’t A Helluva Lot Either
Footer: J

If the goal ain’t much, failure to reach it ain’t a helluva lot either.

Although, no matter where you go – “it’s all entertainment”,
no out-of-towner can ever properly appreciate the local fun.

It is a wise beast who would inoculate himself against biting the rabid.

Any form of “Real justice” lies in improved sight.

Once upon a time, there was guy who can make himself instantly smile just by thinking about it.

“And”, proclaimed the Mighty City speaker, “The truth shall set you free.” And one of his close relatives, in the crowd thought, “Yeah, except from your truth.” (What can be more cutting, more unkind, than the venomous tongue of an ungrateful neuron.)