Jan Cox Talk 0692

Everything Is Relative Not Just to Its Neighbors, But to Itself


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#692 * Aug 27, 1990 * – 1:05
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. There is no sequential order. 3-d life is a polarity, and ordinary intellect operates dichotomously. There can be no realization of whole reality without consideration of the ubiquitous polarization of the 3-d field. Whatever is useful to man’s Secondary Level World is useful only via polarization. All conclusions are a point of polarity reversal. Where a process has seemingly run its course to an end, it “disappears” in modulation (e.g., change of key in music) or experienced a phase reversal.

All polarity is reversible polarity and will reverse at some point automatically; thus no certainty is possible. It is not sufficient to think things are merely relative (i.e., relative to other things): polarity exists within entities, making external comparisons of relativity unnecessary. Everything is relative not just to its neighbors but to itself. All religious tenets, aphorisms are based upon this polarity (e.g,, love thine enemies, you reap what you sow) although this is not seen in the City thus in the City such aphorisms are somehow true, but not true (i.e., don’t make sense).

There is no new understanding possible in thought without the continual factoring in of the polarity of everything.


…and Kyroot said:
(As an aside…
As even a parenthetical aside,
Might I note,
That were it not,
For talk,
This’ld all fall apart., Keep it to yourself.)
…and Kyroot said:
Then yet another,
Guy said,
“I’m not really,
All that inhospitable,
Except to people other than myself.”
…and Kyroot said:
In this life,
Who think there is,
A difference between,
“Having a vote”, and
“Having a vote that is counted”,
Have not yet been in this life long enough to learn much.
…and Kyroot said:
More Cooling Comfort For The Haplessly Overheated: Uncertainty in big matters, Doesn’t matter so much.
…and Kyroot said:
Whatever the moral or scientific question, the answer is -” polarity”.
(Why can’t things be as simple
as they are SOME wheres?)
…and Kyroot said:
One chap writes to,
Tell us that,
“You have been,
Sufficiently long,
In the City,
When your own private thoughts,
Begin to be interrupted by commercials.”
..and Kyroot said:
A note posted over at no place in particular says, “When you get old
the first thing to go
is youth.”
…and Kyroot said:
In Its humane drive,
For maximum efficiency,
Life has provided,
That each can be,
Their own Catherine Wheel.
…and Kyroot said:
Cosmopolitan advice, Well worth the price:
In the City, If you can’t,
Give it away – sell it!
…and Kyroot said:
Letting each and every word, Have its own qualifier,
Raises some question regarding efficiency.
…and Kyroot said:
Defending yourself, Legitimizes,
Your critic’s authority.
…and Kyroot said:
If you’re,
Ever gonna know,
Anything new and different,
You can’ t be from,
Around here.
…and. Kyroot said:
In the restructuring,
Of his inner community,
One person changed,
The status of his partner,
To that of neighbor.
…and Kyroot said:
Having the,
“Last word”,
For some,
Is not so neat,
As having the right one.
…and Kyroot said:
From a certain,
Non City view,
It’s better to be,
Almost anything,
Other than what someone,
Told you to be. …(A kind of unscheduled,
Genetic stretching,
Exercise, you might say.)
…and Kyroot said:
If you can’t, Speak of it, You can’t, Grieve of it.
…and Kyroot said:
Sign seen stuck,
In picturesque public park;
“Any Further Alliterations Will Be Shot On Sight.”
…and Kyroot said:
Re the matter of,Revolutionist Info;
It is not a question,
Of any of it being,
True, false, correct, etc.;
Is just whether it is
Personally profitable,
And operational for you,
For that one, brief moment it takes to first process it.
…and Kyroot said:
Another possible measure of Secondary progress: Once a man was more what he
did than what he said, but now the weight tilts toward the latter.
…and Kyroot said:
There are always,
Three possible ways out,
Of the jams of life;
The way you think might work,
The way you wish would work,
The way that frightens you, and
The way you don’t know about.
…and Kyroot said:
A middle priced fellow, (He mercifully dropped,almost
Sitting on a bench, Immediately back into,
Near a discontinued bus stop, Abandoned his reveries long enough, To tell me, His ruminations.)
“Advertising is to City affairs as, Aroma is to an outhouse.”
…and Kyroot said:
Carrying my bags up the stairs,
The bellboy revealed his own,
Soft-sided philosophy of the mortal climb;
“If we were all,
As smart as everyone else,
There’ll be no need for,
Individual addresses and phone numbers.” (I tipped him a
Dime and a smile)
…and Kyroot said:
cannot judge their homeland.
…and Kyroot said:
Once he better,
(Or at least, differently),
Understood what he was doing,
This one guy would sometimes,
Say to himself,
“May I have this dance?”,
And he would bat his baby blues,
And reply,
“Why I thought you’ld never ask.”,
Which would never fail to infuriate him.
…and Kyroot said:
A man who,
Admits his folly,
Has sure got lots to ‘fess up to.
…and Kyroot said:
In secondary settings,
when you “reach the end of the line” it either disappears into modulation, or the polarity simply reverses.