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Premier Parameter of Civilization: Talking to Yourself


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#680 Jul 30, 1990 – 1:05 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :04. Words are more than they are. Concepts like “retirement maximization” are not about new income sources, but about rearrangements of the existing funds. Yet this is satisfying to people; convincing as new. Words are really nothing, but nothing is really more than it is or it could not be seen in the first place. Consider the metaphor of “Evil Roy Slade” who, asking his accountant to calculate his retirement savings, holds a gun to his head to modify the initial report—“there is no money”—to “$10,000” by the mere stroke of the accountant’s pen.

The resultant non-existent funds inscribed in the ledger satisfies Roy; it reflects a more manifold reality. The fresh arrangement of words creates new territory in the Secondary Level World. Thus words are more than they are: nothing, but more than nothing. The Real Revolutionist can do this to himself to shift into new territory.

Men at the Primary Level suffer in silence. Modern man suffers volubly; the “sensitive man” is replacing the strong, silent one. As the Secondary Level World expands, the need for words expands too. The primary difference and essence of conflict between groups is the relative predisposition of one to talk about itself; it is the more advanced. The primary parameter of civilization is the predisposition to talk to oneself.

The accusation of repressed words/feelings, even where having no actual basis is reflective of a wider-level future reality. Talk is of increasing value and necessity. The Real Revolutionist must effect a “neo” non-self definition; it is a stage beyond Primary Level World silence existing in the Secondary Level World.

The energy reality behind the attraction of gossip: it is a continual conveyance of altered ideas since it begins as a mutant strain of info.

1:03 epilogue of misc. comments.