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All Thought, Stagnation & Defeat: “I Regret That I Have Stopped Growing.”


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#675 * Jul 18, 1990 * – 1:07 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. Life re-creates, rejuvenates itself via man’s Secondary Level World. Without churlish behavior there would be no civilizing, edifying influence possible. E.g., the effect of Chartres cathedral on a tour group of otherwise loutish brawlers. The accusal/trial of Pope Formosus (deceased) by Pope Stephen for his own agenda. Parallel: memory = exhumation of Pope Formosus. Life recycles even the dead—recycling/re-creating energy via the brain. The Real Revolutionist can have his own direct exhumation and retrial of the past in order to execute sentence on it and be done with it once and for all.

Only the submissive are repentant; connection to evil is only evil when it is unrepentant. C-force is always dominant, but as it turns/declines becoming submissive and repentant (regretting its loss of growth process), it is seen as unrepentantly evil; its originally deemed goodness is forgotten. The brain is repentant, whining and submissive in its ordinary thought processes. All thought is stagnation and defeat: “I regret that I have stopped growing”.


…and Kyroot said:
The first place
Many people will look,
Are the kinds of places,
A Revolutionist,
Wouldn’t hang his underwear.
02/ 6/9O-(2)
…and Kyroot said:
This hard-to-describe fellow,
Suggested that the theme song for his City should be, “Oh, I’m,
Drowning In A Sea Of Air.”
…and Kyroot said:
Just barely above the din,
I heard this voice,
“Well, if you’ll look at it,
Over from this kinda view – EVERYthines, Unjustified.”
…and Kyroot said:
Words are words,
News is news,
And nothing gets lost in the City;
Even failures can be feature stories.
..and Kyroot said:
In the attempt to sooth his fears, A father told his skittish kid, “The ‘unconscious mind’ is simply, Jim Henson.”
..and Kyroot said:
A certain,
Recently noted,
Looking back, through
Careful study and research,
You can see that it all fits,
And all makes predictable sense,
But alas,
In trying to see forward,
I find myself on,
Much less secure ground.”
…(A bit later, the scholar suddenly wished that his father was still alive so that he could privately ask him, “Why is that?”)
…and Kyroot said:
Outdoors Hint Number Zero Times Eleven: Just before you go,
REAL stupid,
And look off to your left.
…and Kyroot said:
The name of this next tune is, “How To Protect Yourself,
Even While Not Under Attack”, Which can prove to be a most, Useful ditty,
In the City.
…and Kyroot said:
Under City conditions,
You could define advertising as,
The specious attempt,
To draw attention to a,
New secondary difficulty.
…and Kyroot said:
A man without, Sham humility, Is probably, Without sham.
02/16 /90-(11)
…and Kyroot said:
One of my informants, Tells me that the,
Latest rumor going around out there is that, Time is just a fad.
..and Kyroot said:
“Take note, me lad”,
Said the ole man,
“comes times you must tempt yourself;
Not always can you depend,
On the kindness of others.”
02/16/90- (13)
…and Kyroot said:
If there’s,
“Any way out” Don’t take it.
…and Kyroot said:
Over at that all weather diner,
heard a squat customer telling a waitress,
About his second-hand brother-in-law,
Who always wanted to be a famous writer,
But suffered some minor set-backs,
(Amongst them, not unnoticed, being,
No talen-(, no energy),
But who says he’s figured,
His way nicely out;
He says he’s going to have his name changed to,
“Thomas Annonymous”.
..and Kyroot said:
There was this one person Who worked all their life And then died.
…and Kyroot said:
One guy,
Apparently angered at either the, Faddishness of speech and ideas, Or else their late arrival said,
It ‘Quality time, quality time’ – Phooey” Why didn’t I hear of this concept, Back when I first started, Associating with me…Phooey!”
…and Kyroot said:
Just before sunset,
A peeved person pointedly pronounced,
“I’ve read it said,
‘That fate is justly shared by all’;
‘That each man’s carpet is a complex weave,
With yarn in equal shares of,
The good and the ill’,
But if all that be so,
Then by gawd,
I’ve gotten somebody else’s reject.
…and Kyroot said:
If you had ever seen that certain, (June Thirtieth is the same as July First…should I disrupt
“Secret calendar” your summer and say, “You do see the implications
You’d know that the, herein – right?”… Naw, l won’t do
Last day of each month, dat.)
Is the same as the first day,
^f the next one
…and kyroot said:
0.k., o.k.,
Settle down,
I know you’ve been asking for it,
So here it is,
A wrap up for the last several weeks;
One; It’s difficult to give advice without going into a whine,
Two; It’s hard to talk about secondary matters without becoming whiney,
So o.k., o.k. a wrap; It’s hard to TALK,
Without sounding whiney.
… and Kyroot said:
As you pay your monthly bills
You might note – Life doesn’t charge for electricity.
…and Kyroot said:
Concerning certain matters,
(May I say),
The most profitable way to,
“Look at them”, May be not to,
Look at them at all Especially right now…
Right when they,
WANT to be Looked at.
…and Kyr= said:
When in doubt, Go upstairs.
…and Kyroot said:
One guy’s advice to somebody,
“Until you’re absolutely,
Unconditionally and positively CERTAIN
You know what TO
Correctly ‘worry about’,
I’m not sure I’d even bother.”