Jan Cox Talk 0672

Don’t be Merely Instinctive–Once You Know What It Means…


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#672 Jul 11, 1990 – 1:06
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. Why the Secondary Level World? Note: Primary Level activities are pleasurable, but require a Secondary Level plan to extend their purview because they are too short lived and immediate in themselves. The Secondary Level World is a plan that expands the too-short time frame of Primary Level acts, The Real Revolutionist must concern himself with making plans beyond that stage, beyond plans involving the past, present, even the future.

The closer you are to Primary Level World the less complaining can arise, whereas the approach to the Secondary Level World from the Primary Level World results in increasing complaining; i.e., as things get better, more complaints arise. The complaining is a manifestation of internal pressures to change. All plans are based on complaining; the Real Revolutionist must make plans not based on complaint; he must lead a parallel secret life.

Only the most menial, trivial, low-paying job requires a uniform; the announcing of ‘what kind of guy you are’ is the donning of a uniform. The most demeaning and meaningless job with a uniform is to be somebody else’s hometown, home team.

Don’t be merely instinctive…once you understand what it means.

AKS/News Items

Some “Travel Advice,” (if you want to call it that) I was given by a gent I met, said He, “The main benefit of going there, is so you can leave.”

There is no,
“Turning point”, Unless you,
GET the point.

There is no audience, For Primary activities.

I heard one the other night you might like, over in the Asteroid Black & Blue Lounge; A guy standing in the bathroom line said that he didn’t much care what his mouth said as long as he wasn’t around.

Most folks, Have,
Folk songs.
…(Though added a sore head,
“A lotta good it does ’em.”)

Some people look more important, Sitting down.
…(But then again,
There’s always the, Ever important,
“On the other hand”.)

One mangled, mental muser,
Sitting in the park, near the fount, muttered, “I’m so old now,
I’ve forgotten what it’s like.”

Late in life,
(Perhaps TOO late in life, to hear him tell it),
This one chubby pipe-fitter realized,
That the answer to all of his earthly questions was,
“Over here,
Right over here.”

Up on the screen, one of the movie’s characters reflecting on his dire predicament solemnly intoned, “1 was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”, and out in the dark of the theatre, an ole sore head began to laugh and whoop to such an extent that they were forced to throw him out of a side exit; While walking the three-mile distance to his house, he
continued to think of the actor and his line, and kept on giggling, and repeating to himself, “Can you believe it – the bastard took it
personally, he thought it was an individual experience.”; All the way home he whooped,
and he hollered.

One uncertain father patronizingly said to his son,
“I don’t want to tell you what to think.”,
And after dousing the flames, the kid asked,
“Old man,
Past history,
Yesterday’s news,
Tell me pray tell,
Exactly what is the difference between,
‘Don’t’, and

Power loves order.

What Life loves
Life demands.

“As you children will discover on our next field trip,
A person can have three types of relationship with another person… And so can a parasite.”

Just as many quite ordinary people believe,
There is a new world possible;
And like they think,
It does come later,
Their mistake is in thinking of “later”
Being in THEIR time.

Why is it
That you think
You’ve heard some of these before?,
Then you know quite well, quite well,
Quite, quite well,
That I do not, do not,
Do damn well not
Repeat myself?…Well, do you?

Man discussing man,
Is almost as ludicrous,
As believing,
He could do otherwise.

Being semi, partially knowledgeable about something, IS,
A big deal somewhere.

While at a hostelry where was being held the annual Debaters And Dandruff Convention, I rode an elevator with a chap who confided in me with manner most aggitated, “At times”, said he, “Trying to ‘think for yourself’ is like
building this real nice house, but
then discovering it’s always on someone
else’s property.”
…(To this day, I am still unsure as to whether he was a part of the Dandruff, or Debate faction.)

If the ordinary knew
How the Secondary worked – it wouldn’t.

Yet another,”Three-D,Go-Figure”:
Are you ready?,
Clear the field, and turn on the scoreboard;
Many men fear drowning,
Including not a few who,
Can swim.

By speech,
By speech,
By wonderous speech, may,
Rome be described as Calcutta…
…(A breast is a breast, A place of rest, Only by talk is it, More so.)

To show you again, The vagaries,
And uncertainties,
of geographical intentions,
Whilst singing,
“Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”,
This one woman was shot by Peru.

If everything WERE,
As temporary as it is,
(Or seems to be,
Cr is),
We’d sure be in for a severe,
Change of umbrellas and sun screen.