Jan Cox Talk 0672

Don’t be Merely Instinctive–Once You Know What It Means…


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#672 Jul 11, 1990 – 1:06
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. Why the Secondary Level World? Note: Primary Level activities are pleasurable, but require a Secondary Level plan to extend their purview because they are too short lived and immediate in themselves. The Secondary Level World is a plan that expands the too-short time frame of Primary Level acts, The Real Revolutionist must concern himself with making plans beyond that stage, beyond plans involving the past, present, even the future.

The closer you are to Primary Level World the less complaining can arise, whereas the approach to the Secondary Level World from the Primary Level World results in increasing complaining; i.e., as things get better, more complaints arise. The complaining is a manifestation of internal pressures to change. All plans are based on complaining; the Real Revolutionist must make plans not based on complaint; he must lead a parallel secret life.

Only the most menial, trivial, low-paying job requires a uniform; the announcing of ‘what kind of guy you are’ is the donning of a uniform. The most demeaning and meaningless job with a uniform is to be somebody else’s hometown, home team.

Don’t be merely instinctive…once you understand what it means.