Jan Cox Talk 0671

Secondary Level Must Always Prop Up the Home Team


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#671 * Jul 9, 1990 * -1:04
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. Is it possible to really enjoy what you must do (think)? Is it possible to learn from instinctive, forced behavior? Not for the Real Revolutionist. What is the purpose of the Secondary Level World? The Primary Level World is definitively, physically, finitely structured and limited, not so the Secondary Level World. Secondary Level World offers the only domain of possible change Primary Level World = what must be done. The more one pursues Primary Level World desires the more are they the sole reward. Secondary Level World is the only one subject to thinking more than you have to.

All movement whether Primary Level or Secondary Level causes friction (especially talk) and friction requires opposition; everything in the Secondary Level World must be “propped” up by opposition, bring it into focus, make it perceivable. The NS/brain must continually prop up the hometown team by declaring “what kind of a guy I am”. It maintains the boundary of individuality; between what you think and what you don’t think. [Diagram #?]