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Revolutionary Info Never Has Home Field Advantage


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#669 * Jul 4, 1990 * – 1:06 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. All popular ideas must appeal to hometown sentiments; all “out-of-town” info is faux and foe. The ordinary intellect depends on hometown info but also requires the out-of-town for comparison in order to operate (to conquer). It is expected that the intellect is evolving toward sophistication, toward the elimination of the need for opposing info/belief.

E.g., the goal of science is the formulation of perfect, indubitable knowledge. Revolutionary info has no hometown, home team and therefore no home field advantage, i.e., it cannot elicit any advantage over ordinary knowledge. Revolutionary info cannot triumph over ignorance because it never engages it in battle; does not even enter the battle arena. A hometown locale is irrelevant to Revolutionary investigation. Ordinary intellect cannot seek to absorb opposing info (new ideas). It must seek to vanquish it, to push it into the abyss of non-being, so as to clear the field for the new opposing info to access it.

Parallel of the Secondary Level World need to convert Primary Level World process into thing-specifics, to establish boundaries setting the stage for opposition. The ultimate boundary: each person’s sense of individuality, the separation of ‘I’ from Not-I.


…and Kyroot said:
To “get by in the City,”
the dark must always be condemned.

…and Kyroot said:
When your electrical apparatus
receives outside the normal spectrum, you find that each morning,
The cock crows twice.

…and Kyroot said:
One Revolutionist addressed the assemblage thusly,
“May I assume that you each now realize that a ‘good king’ can have no
May I say I further assume that you recognize this as a positive statement,
An honorable acknowledgement”?

…and Kyroot said:
If you try and “contain” your thought to that which you understand,
there is no doubt that you’ll be quite contained.

…and Kyroot said:
One ole sore head (who says he’d rather be known as a “philosopher,”
but one who cares) states as follows:
“Having your deepest thoughts,
expressed through the words of another,
is not unlike having a friend
sweat and wrinkle your fresh silk suit.”

…and Kyroot said:
Over in this other time,
there was another group of “the old folks” who used to have this to say, “The only ‘good partner,’ is a dead partner.”

…(and the partners for miles around would always give a grimace and a small little

…and Kyroot said:
All clear descriptions of man,
Are arbitrary, and artificial…except this one.

…and Kyroot said:
Those who’ve mused that,
The effect and imprint of Nature,
Is “changed through use,”
Lack the fuller vista which reveals,
Nature IS use.

…and Kyroot said:
The more you talk about it, the older you get.

…and Kyroot said:
Any explanation tied to sequence,
Is a fore-runner of things yet to sink.

…(The City bound Titanics are not of steel, but are built of logic.)

…and Kyroot said:
In a world where
Four always follows five,
Many things will remain unanswered.

…and Kyroot said:
One exceedingly sophisticated mother cautioned her daughter, “Do not depend on your ‘conscience as your guide,’ unless it has a decent Michelin Rating.”

…and Kyroot said:
As informative as it may be (if not overly surprising),
A young professor without tenure,
In the Philosophy Department,
Over at Reflection U.,
Likes to sometimes say,
If Cervantes were alive today,
His back taxes would be staggering,
Simply staggering.”

…and Kyroot said:
After a long, animated, and ofttimes quite heated debate between the ole man and the kid, the elder suddenly stood, made a cutting gesture with his hands and said,
“Look, you can talk ALL you want to.”

…and Kyroot said:
Being dead’s not the same as, being finished.

..and Kyroot said:
There is another planet over in the far reaches of an area where you
can’t reach, that has a world-size sign, visible from staggering
distances, flashing day and night,
that says,
“Save 20 to 40%
Save 20 to 40%.”

…(Face it; You don’t know
what it means, and neither do you.)

…and Kyroot said:
There is a
Genetic Code to energy itself, and all transformations are
Predictable rungs on the DNA ladder.

…and Kyroot said:
A young, would-be philosopher kid instructed a playmate,
“If you did it,
Don’t suffer over it.”
Overhearing this his father drew him aside and clarified his
thought for him by saying,
If you did it— if you actually did it,
You CAN’T suffer over it.”

…and Kyroot said:
Over there, first guy says,
“If it weren’t for adjectives, everything would be alike.”
And second guy says,
“Hell, if weren’t for WORDS, you could say the same.”

…(Some months later, while still pondering this affair, the first
guy suddenly thought, “No you couldn’t.”

…and Kyroot said:
Anybody that doesn’t have “their own way of doing things,”
Don’t have ANY way of doing things.

…and Kyroot, said:
While on their way to a neighboring planet for a day of fun,
The kid suddenly announced, “Jeeze, I forgot your shades.”
The ole man abruptly turned the ship around, back toward home.
And the younger, realizing what was happening exclaimed,
“Jeeze, all because of a pair of lousy shades?”
And the ole man softly replied,
“You still don’t get it,
Do you?”

.. and Kyroot said:
One chap used to like to call up and request his favorite song,
For a while they played it,
And for a while they didn’t;
After a while,
He didn’t care.

…and Kyroot said:
After you’ve once said it,
All the rest is silence.