Jan Cox Talk 0659

Secondary World Created by Turning Processes Into Things


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#659 Jun 11, 1990 – 1:00 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :04. The Secondary Level world is created by turning processes into things. The Primary Level world is a continuum of processes; the Secondary Level world is episodic, “thing specific”. An example: note the focus of modern sales pitches on “saving time and effort” where time is conceived of something separate, not as a process that arises out of effort. Time is a function of Primary Level effort-process, yet conceived by man as a separate thing, a product.

Example: gold is of no value until it has been “serviced” (fashioned into a thing) and then spoken of as being of value. Animals do not react to “things” i.e., “food”, rather, it reacts to the process of eating at the sound of the word food. Consider the parallel: dog – “food” and man – “I”. Institutions are processes turned into ‘things’; institutions do not exist apart from the people that comprise them. It is only ‘things’ that are alive enough for Life’s purposes thru man.

Connection to Kyroot’s “no man is an example of anything unless you understand that every man is an example of everything”. This is in absolute contradistinction to everyday thought; it moves into the world of the infinitely adjacent. A prime example of the ‘thing specific’ direction of Secondary Level world is the “water diet” which provides a feeling of accomplishment in a process of no particular Primary Level consequence, although involving some inconvenience (i.e., drinking lots and lots of water). In the City, fool’s errands pass for accomplishments. Each man’s induced perception of “I” is the ultimate water diet!