Jan Cox Talk 0658

This Thing Not About Changing Yourself, But Your Expectations


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#658 Jun 8, 1990 – 1:10+ 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. This Thing is not about changing yourself, it is about changing your expectations. All change is about changing expectations. Consider: how much can man’s nature BE changed? Not much. How much should people change? Change is not correlated with the Primary Level essential of life (as opposed to Secondary Level entertainment); attempted Primary Level change would be suicidal.

All change deals with the SL: the entertaining. Life’s First Story: everyone has lost the way; everyone should regain (change toward) the way. In more manifold view this is the call to change expectations. How? Via the general and gradual ministrations of “society” which enforces a progression from PL, silent, childish expectations thru to the ultimate of SL, the offering of all institutions: guilt over inability to change. The Real Revolutionist must release all expectations of ordinary change…which are futile.


For NP : The re saying to oneself of striking statements of J’s is to think new thoughts; make up your own dictionary of new definitions that arise from this.