Jan Cox Talk 0655

Church of “Screw the Past”


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#655 ** Jun 1, 1990 ** – 1:10+ 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :04. A prime example of infinite adjacency: the issue that men would not seek the “way” if not convinced of its loss. Is the purpose of this to get men to seek the way or is it purely a mistake to persuade man the way is lost
it sends him on the ultimate fool’s errand?

The infinitely adjacent = the combination of
1) both;
2) neither;
3) one or the other;
4) and then some.

This is the ultimate resolution of all matters of ambiguity and impossibility of the ordinary Secondary Level world.

Man is wired up to have to stop and deal with verbal energy wherever Life dictates, not where it may be possible and profitably desirable beyond that for a man. Life makes man always expect further commentary beyond the unencumbered, impartial observation. It is not adequate or useful for Life to have man be satisfied with the obvious, the impartial. It would not be to Life’s benefit, for example, for men to make the impartial observation that it is absolutely impossible to cure or otherwise eradicate the “criminal element” of ordinary life. Such an impartial notation is an incomplete energy transfer.

Men must always be divided from the indisputable. Consider, for the Real Revolutionist, what chance has he got if he is in conflict with his own aim? He must move to a new neural area where “coping” with any ‘you’ is nonexistent.

Consider the “collective gift” , the cornucopia of possible explanation would be the reality of words themselves being alive entities.

1:04 Epilogue: This Thing as “the church of screw the past (including right now); we don’t live in the past…only the dead do!” Note that all sophisticated City authorities operate to the contrary, base everything on the past. 1:10+ end.