Jan Cox Talk 0653

City Truism: Men Don’t Prize What They Have, Only What They Don’t


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#653 May 28, 1990 – 1:04 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :04. The other half of: you cannot rise above the energy you react to, is: a person cannot cherish, aspire or even admire anything above his own level. A better example of this can’t be found than man’s gods; they are totally unexceptional, warlike, vengeful, absent minded etc. Man’s only valid relationship to his god is a continual asking of forgiveness for failure to live up to its standards. This is no relation to true superiority. Man has no truly exceptional idea of god. His failure to achieve what is in effect an unworthy goal, is hardly a big failure.

It is an accepted truism that men don’t prize what they already have, only what they don’t yet possess. Note that this is true only of the Secondary Level world of affairs however. Its only usefulness, efficiency lies in Secondary Level activities.

There are three kinds of relationships:
parasitic – visitor helps himself but harms the host;
commensural – visitor helps himself while doing no harm to host;
symbiotic – visitor helps himself while also helping the host.

Consider man’s relationship to Life; in which of these categories would he fall? What relationship do you have with your internal voices? The visitor and the host can swap positions, must swap positions for efficient energy flow. At any particular time who is to say which is which? The host, the visitor or a third party?

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