Jan Cox Talk 0652

Criticism Is Absolute, Unconditional Futility


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#652 May 25, 1990 – 1:03 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :04. Would a Real Revolutionist ever abandon the Bushes for the purpose of defending himself back in the City? You can only criticize/defend what is, at best, at your own level; men lack the capacity to take critical note of what is above their own level. The payoff of criticizing is in its enforced feeling of superiority. It is impossible to get a boost, to learn anything from what is at or below your own level. Criticism is absolute, supreme, unconditional futility. Why would the Real Revolutionist ever respond to his own internal self-criticism, knowing it reduces him to a lower level and has no possible benefit for him?

Those who diagnose problems do not know the problems. One who really knows the problem would also know what to do about it. If you knew what your problem was, you wouldn’t have it!