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All Talk in the City Is Combative


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#639 ** Apr 25, 1990 ** – 1:05
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :08.. Talk in the City is for the purpose of: establishing truth; correcting errors; converting the foolish; overwhelming the weak and the unsuitable. All talk in the City is combative; combative with other talk; a competition of ideas. Real Revolutionist talk—New Intelligence Processing–would not be combative or competitive with other ideas. It is not about “coping”, but gives the subtle suggestion that you don’t have to “cope”.

A Real Revolutionist Rule: your physical presence is not specifically demanded in any circumstances of unavoidable conflict, drama, “scenarios”, dances. A real myth is not tied to whether it is ‘true’ or not. Real Revolutionist info, if it existed as such, would be like such a myth; it puts a “twist “on existing info but is not in competition with it.

The desire to pass along, to retell gossip and jokes and other info is almost impossible to resist; these urges are due to words being alive in their own right. Cf. Life’s FS/first story, that it is the “gossipy” personality that conveys such info. Connection to the power of words requiring an audience, not merely a speaker. Words are not vitally alive without an audience. In the equation of speaker (performer) plus audience, a third element is not to be entered: the words themselves as living entities. Consider the old saying: those who talk most have the least to say. Although given real credence in the City, there is absolutely no explanation for it. That words are alive is a real explanation: words have a life of their own and they will out. They are equal partners in the speaker/hearer duo.