Jan Cox Talk 0635

First Story Forgiveness


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#635 Apr 16, 1990 – 1:05
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :05. People standing on their institutions are thinking as little as possible. This results in a kind of strength thru density, of crudeness, of mass. E.g., patriotism, family, race. etc. Men are made to make a spurious separation of men from their institutions; it is a kind of “First Story forgiveness”. E.g.,: “poverty causes crime”; “perception of political impotence feeds civil unrest”; “economic frustration fuels drug crises” , exemption of responsibility, a safety bypass valve for energy flow. It affixes the blame to institutions, thereby excusing individuals from their acts; institutions funnel energies for individual men.

A subtle parallel: separation of the individual from his function; thought from the thinker. There is no such thing as a thought without a thinker, belief systems without believers. You are your ideas, not separate from them; they are not ‘things’ you entertain.