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No Collection of Cells in Brain for This Thing, Only “One”


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#633 Apr 11, 1990 – 1:08 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :08. A sub-possible creation myth: men are born in the thistles and brambles (bushes, out of the City) but upon learning language are drawn down into the City (where local views and conditions are taken to be the full statement of reality) to live out their days as a person. Yet some potential Real Revolutionists long for something other than the City; they grow tired of City awards and celebrations. They long not to return to the past, the brambles of birth, but to venture out of the City to the unknown “thickets” (bushes) away from the City. These Real Revolutionists are not concerned about proof of the existence of a Real Revolutionist Camp, for they are content in knowing an apparent trail leads thereto.

In the City individuals with common interests are drawn into groups, and thus begin to exercise influence in life. It is only as a group that individuals can participate in changing life. It is only collections of cells in the brain that can have effective interest in some hobby. The collection is always composed of various competing factions with overlapping, aligned, but not identical motivating interest, or the hobby is not possible. There is no collection of cells in the brain that are interested in This Thing; only a single cell, without support.

The greatest progress in the soft sciences of man has come via the study of “malfunctions”—e.g., study of clinical madness in psychology/brain science. What if the greatest progress in the hard sciences, too, came with observations of what are malfunctions, because observable (connection to life only allows man views of the inconsequential). These anomalies then become the “laws” of science which command consensus. Then new discoveries of malfunctioning of the present paradigm become the new laws… and so men proceed.
drawing of city in valley.