Jan Cox Talk 0629

Thinking Backwards


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#629 Apr 2, 1990 – 1:04
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. Practical hints for Real Revolutionist living. Try to continually survey the potential sequential consequence of planned action so as to never be in a position that ordinarily requires explanation for lack of foresight. A secret method: “thinking backward”. This is not thinking opposite or reverse (as from effect to cause); it is a turning of thought on itself, forcing mutual self destruction leaving something else present.

The corollary: “thinking sideways” which is the attempt to extract your public, personal voice from the center of activity. This makes it impossible to think in the local. E.g., replace “I don’t like opera” with “Opera would not receive its deserved appreciation if left to my own lack of experience with and knowledge of it”; this as opposed to “I like opera” which opposes Life’s natural flow thru you. “Thinking sideways / backwards” displaces talk about you with apparent talk /concern with the subject matter itself. It extracts you from any identifiable position. It is impossible to reconnoiter from a known position; you cannot take in info you need if you are busy giving out the info that Life needs.