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All “Attempts to Help” Must Result in Harm


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#627 Mar 28, 1990 – 1:09 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :08. More odds and ends. Man believes he is capable of distinct, separate acts (including thinking) of per se good and evil; such supports the concept of episodic existence. This Thing is the attempt to produce in an individual a more universal outlook.

Bad news is swift whereas good news is halting, slow. People accept this reality, and there is Revolutionary reality to it as well. Consider, why is it so that good news is slow while bad is swift?

Everything that lives long enough inevitably shows signs of irony. All “attempts to help” must result in doing harm to someone, even by their own definition of harm. E.g., of environmental action groups harming environment with their unrelenting attentions.

Consider that a battle rages in “another future” in your own nervous system between creatures who believe talk is something they do, and talk itself which regards those creatures as its medium of operation.

TWE/to what end, do men of all categories speak of their beliefs as though there is an external paradigm of incontrovertible truth to which it favorably conforms? None see that all beliefs have no validating proof outside the human skull. Only in SL/secondary level, affairs do questions of propriety arise which are tacitly expected to have external cures.

Man’s fascination with “secret info” is sated by secrecy itself . E.g., of secrets of Freemasonry being nothing more than the secret ritual of initiation into secrets. Note that no one feels cheated; none complain they haven’t received the “secrets”. Consider the parallel: initiation into life by Life via ‘special’ rituals, i.e., First Stories.