Jan Cox Talk 0620

Secondary Activity Must Encroach on Primary Level Roots


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#620 Mar 12, 1990 – 1:06 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :08. The scenario of a totally fabricated financial analysis/forecast nevertheless gaining a real audience and effecting actual reaction/behavior demonstrated that talk is not a meaningful conveyance, but preparative for more talk. Made-up news would do no more or less damage vis-a-vis Life’s purposes than “real” news; it simply doesn’t matter whether real or fake, although such fake news couldn’t happen with the present wiring of middle-of-the-bell-curve men.

Note that notwithstanding the pervasive criticism of Christmas as being crassly commercialized today, without such criticism there would be no Christmas. Anything that enters the vocabulary of the middle class will certainly be “ruined”, misused since that is part of its function. In a way SL/secondary level activities are almost a kind of attack, an encroachment on the PL roots; thus they must be a part of those roots and their encroachment is a drive for expansion, growth.

C,D,E forces; in C-D confrontation a more complex view of D-force would be to see it as a kind of melancholy induced by the inevitable passing of C-force rather than as a destructive attack of C-force.