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The More Something Can be Talked About, Less Is Needed to Be Done


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#614 Feb 26, 1990 – 1:04 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :09. Knowledge/expertise is the defense of the intellect because the less thinking is required of it. The ultimate in this protection/expertise is advertised self-knowledge, i.e., the telling of “what kind of a guy I am” . Remember, even saying “I don’t know what kind of a guy I am” is nevertheless telling what kind of guy you are. Only the Real Revolutionist can profitably enjoy realizing he is an integral part of the “ultimate dumbness”.

Quote: [in the face of criticism-attack] “It is not for myself [a mere individual reporter] that I am concerned, it is for freedom of the press.” This is the cloaking of the intellect in institutional instrumentality, in commonly held beliefs. It is a variation of self-expertise protection. It is the brain using a larger set of connections for its defense.

Concern for the “out there” instrumentality (i.e., for life from the skin outwards) is further, a protection against the brain’s examination of its own operations. Very few are interested in meditation. Connection to no one can work alone.

The more something can be talked about the less is needed to be done about it.

Quote: “Attention deficit is believed directly linked to antisocial behavior but supporting evidence is inconsistent.” Consider that the very inconsistency of the evidence suggests the validity of the argument since it proves it to be at least alive. Connection to the weird assertion that criminal behavior is caused by virus.


…and Kyroot said:
“Oh, ok, I’ll grant you this much, on a comparative coda I guess the locating of irony is somewhere above the discovery of spit.”

…and Kyroot said:
A certain would-be intellectual celebrity I recently met in one of your larger cities told me that one of his operational mottos was to “never quote anyone you can’t whip.”

…and Kyroot said:
If you don’t use it, you’ve got to accuse it.

9/27/89- (4)
…and Kyroot said;
Since his son was temporarily away, this one father was left to offer himself some advice, and so he said, “Look here, you can believe this: if someone tries to convince you of something– anything, they either do not fully understand the subject on which they speak, or else they do not understand how life is arranged in man…”
…(he seemed rather pleased with this self-directed interlude although he did express some displeasure over his wordiness.)

…and Kyroot said:
In the grip of some sort of passing fit-or-the-other, one fellow thought,
“Any god that I could perceive of is hardly worth thinking

…and Kyroot said:
During the fourteenth year of study towards his Expert’s License in Political History, this one dusty chap ran across the following medieval comment, “An injustice done to the individual may be of necessary service to the public,” and for some reason, the next day
abandoned his graduate work, mumbling something about,
“Enough is enough, and knowing enough is quite enough, thank you.”

…(P.S.: There is an unsubstantiated rumor regarding him repeating this idea around the Psychology Department, which, coincidentally, just disbanded.)

…and Kyroot said:
The king, in a moment of “glorious regal enlightenment,” (o.k., so he paid me to throw that in) announced, “Good people, my Prime Minister has brought it to my kind attention that the onliest – I mean, only reason we must have Prohibitions is that some of you ‘can’t stop,’ and so as to curtail the continual enactment of new prohibitory laws, I, your kind and glorious king, have directed that all who cannot stop are forthwith prohibited…
so there!”

…and Kyroot said:
The preliminary distractions and diversions being completed, the
featured speaker took to the platform, and after an immediate, and reverent hush fell upon the assembled, he removed a scrap from his pocket, and said, “My comments tonight will consist of but one sentence, which will succinctly, and in a manner most bold, completely wrap up the entirety of my life’s study and experience.” He cleared his throat and weekend calendar, glanced at the note, and declaimed,
“Ignorance has no climax.”..
He looked closer at the
scrap of paper and added,
“I’m sorry, my secretary
wrote this out for me,
and the first word is not
‘ignorance’, but I can’t
make out what it actually is–I’m so sorry.”

..and Kyroot said:
In a rage of anger and frustration this one guy faced off toward that
part of his universe where it
was rumored their gods lived,
shook his fists, and screamed
out to the deities, “We made
you, and we can break you,” and
then in the flush of a
passing fit of serenity
he thought, “Mama mia,
what if that’s

…and Kyroot said:
“Graffiti Advice” inscribed on the bathroom wall of one little tyke,
“If you do not believe revenge to be a pathetic endeavor just ask yourself this -‘Who loves it more than your enemies?'”

…and Kyroot said:
Over in the park a stranger moved into the speaker’s area, and climbing up on a vacant soap-maker stated the following, “Irony is but an
oxymoron writ in
more dimensions.”
..(Several of the people hearing this appeared offended, and had a hot dog.)
Oh yeah, if you’re interested; I came across this guy again a few days later on a street corner
downtown, and he delivered, l assume, a later variation of his idea, he said, “Custom is but a public
holograph of private fear.” …(This time I notice he picked an area free of street vendors.)

..and Kyroot said:
The first voice said, “In dreams there are no cowards,” and the second
one said, “A man with a fountain pen can always change his name,” and the first voice said, “Why does he always get the best lines?”

…and Kyroot said:
A man with a hat from out of town, (the hat, not the man),
writes as follows, “If it be true, as I have read that, ‘Racing improves the breed,’ and, ‘Adversity strengthens the race,’ then what does this imply that death may have to contribute to life?”…
..(you know, some people can wear a hat, and some can’t.)

…and Kyroot said:
This one guy, (who already had once told me that his primary interest
in life was in increased efficiency)
says that he has developed a new
tack to deal with any and all
expressions of criticism, or comments of correction, no matter
how justified, aimed at him. He
says he shakes his head
and declares, “How distasteful,
how simply, simply distasteful.”

…and Kyroot said:
If you know where to look, every day’s a sale day.
. . _
…and Kyroot said:
Another chap I met over in the speaker’s park who seemed to be having
an “off day,” kinda mumbled to either me, a near-by tree, or no one in particular, “The difference between being a prophet, and making one is a great
gulf indeed.”
(mumble, mumble).

…and Kyroot said:
While there is obviously competition for the good stuff, in the area
of the super good stuff, surprisingly enough, there IS no competition at all.

9/27/89-(I 8)
…and Kyroot said:
A pretty upscale, new religion on this one little planet has what they call a “boutique confessional booth” which specializes in hearing only exotic, one-of-a-kind

…and Kyroot said:
After many of his chums commented on his father’s apparent cold
demeanor, the kid told ’em.
“Yeah, I know what you mean, but he’s not actually like that; I finally asked him about it myself and he said that since he was not at all mad at life he just didn’t wanna be too obvious about it.”

…and Kyroot said:
The only mysteries are in the past, and Nobody finds this weird.