Jan Cox Talk 0613

Speech Is the Ultimate Armor


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#613 Feb 23, 1990 – 1:01 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. Protection by prepositions, or the refuge of instrumentality. Consider that the zenith of music production is the a capella voice; those who can’t sing, resort to the playing of an `instrument’ which could be seen as a form of protection, a defense of their inability to perform without same. In the same way man’s speech is protected by prepositions, which allow a ‘subject’ to be talked about. Speech is man’s instrumentality and the subject of each sentence is the specific instrument played.

This effectively keeps a man from knowing anything. Connection to the attraction of quotes/dictums; connection to the attraction of becoming educated, becoming an expert in some field (instrument). The expert of SL/secondary level affairs needs to know even less about what he is talking about than an expert of PL/primary level affairs. The SL expert is less subject to criticism because he is the expert, and his expertise is based in words, not actions The PL expert is much more subject to criticism because his mistakes are obvious to all observers (juggler dropping a ball, shooter missing the target, etc.) 

Prepositions connect the brain with ignorance; they act as a shield or bridge to the instrument/subject. which then passes for PL action. Speech is the ultimate armor; it is a kind of non-physical defense of the burgeoning intellect. Speech is the brain’s “fists or feet” (fight or flight) equivalent of the body. The more specialized the speech, the greater the defense it offers against criticism. For This Thing it is necessary to be able to talk without a subject and think without an object, to engage in unaccompanied, naked song to no known score.

In order for people to attempt to change they must “get mad”, i.e., experience some form of negative energy flow in the NS. In This Thing the change cannot have the impetus of anger—a very delicate process.

If This Thing be an indefinable, tricky process, at least it can he easily seen and remembered: all the things that This Thing is not.