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No Amount of Self-Study Yields Useful Knowledge


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#612 Feb 21, 1990 – 1:02 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. Life’s increasing relief of accountability for men comes in the area of their behavior, not thought. Moreover, the excusable is not dispensed in the more primitive societies but in the more advanced. But it would seem that it is the less intelligent that should be held less accountable for their actions. Life demands more of the intellectually developed, applies more pressure in and thru their energy transactions; it is the intellectual that suffer from neuroticism, guilt and paranoia.

The less intellectual are not pressured this way but also are not the beneficiaries of the lessening of accountability now being allowed by Life. Note that people do not brag on their intellectual abilities, rather they dwell on their physical and emotional accomplishments. Why is this? The intellect is not inclined to investigate/manipulate itself (e.g., meditation) as is its wont with the lower circuits. Without this tendency to meddle in the lower circuits there could be no attempted change at any level, yet this does not apply at its own level.

No ordinary individual is a universal phenomenon, therefore no amount of self-study will evoke useful knowledge vis-a-vis This Thing. It is impossible to be mad at something without comparing it to something else. Connection to necessary opposition for anything to exist. It is only possible to be humanly mad in the verbal world (vs. the silent, animal one); it must be talked about.

All critics must operate from the basis that they understand what the artist’s intention or goal was in the first place. When they do not their criticism is the ultimate futility. Consider man’s position: he is absolutely ignorant of Life’s purpose/intent, and therefore incompetent to render impartial evaluation.