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Everyone’s Info Maybe Wrong, but It’s Relevant


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#606 * Feb 7, 1990 * – 1:04
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. Words are the definitive characteristic of man. No other animal has speech/thought. Words are a form of energy, every other purpose they may seem to have is secondary only. Man is the only creature that moves such energy.

Note that everyone’s info—all predictions—are unreliable and flawed…but does it matter? Everything goes along just fine anyway. Everyone’s info may be wrong but nevertheless relevant. Connection to the triplets of creation, each with genetic paradigm it tries to express at the expense of its siblings. Note that info known to be flawed/unreliable (e.g., prediction of fair weather) is nevertheless cheering; religious faith is not unlike this.

Immediately after the creation was “the door”. The door is how Life talks to man; Life is continually knocking on the door. The answering of the door is all that counts, not the significance of who may be knocking. People are wired such that it’s impossible for them not to answer the door. A Real Revolutionist can cease to answer the door. Life demands that you answer the door, all thoughts and feelings are secondary to the primary purpose of response to Life’s knock. A method available to the Real Revolutionist to assist not answering the door: thinking more than he has to, he can determine who’s knocking, its origin and whether or not it is to his advantage to answer the door or not. The Real Revolutionist can have the thought without thinking it!

Politically everyone is born a citizen; religiously everyone is born a child of his god; personally everyone is born into the impersonal Body of Life. Man is born in captivity so as to dream of freedom. This leaves open the question of who defines freedom. The question of whether man is free and thus responsible or not is moot. The real question is: What is freedom (for me). Life knocking at the door doesn’t have an answer for you on this. Connection to the “I knew that already” First Story: everyone “knows” what freedom is…except a Real Revolutionist (and, or course, everyone else!). What would be freedom at a more complex level? The question of freedom is only a concern of the Yellow Circuit; at the Red Circuit and Blue Circuit level it’s impossible.

For the Real Revolutionist, freedom is the ability to avoid the general demands of Life that are of no personal benefit to him; freedom is the ability to pursue activity of no use except to himself. Freedom to think from no known basis, to think in his own language. The Real Revolutionist can create his own FS, then immediately reject it. Complex freedom is the freedom to not answer the door and never regret it, not even remember it. Corollary: being able to hear “multiple knocks” on the door and know them all, without preference.

And Kyroot Said…

After hanging around some of the adult ideas, one kid off
and mused to his little self, “If it is true that ‘Everything
looks better in better light,’ would it not perhaps behoove a kid
to bypass the obvious entanglements and go directly to trying to
make the light better by which he sees things?”


Pondering the wonderful world of criticism, one guy mused,
“It’s not fair, you can write about art and music, but you can’t
paint and perform about literature, it’s just not fair,” and a
critic nearby thought, “‘Fair…fair’, my, what a curious


“Nepotism,” cried out the accusing voice, “nepotism,
nepotism, nepotism; that’s all it is, clear and simple —
nepotism,” and the reply came, “But none of us are related in the
least,” (a pause, then the accuser marvels), “God, what a clever


One excitable chap, caught up in his personal discoveries of
this-and-that ofttimes resembling that-and-this, said to a
friend, “If you’ll go a month or so without washing your hair,
it’ll almost look like a toupee.”


Words Of Wisdom from a not-so-hot-planet: “Trying to piss
on another’s foot while you’re running is perhaps an oxymoronical


A shortish fellow with mostly colorful hair, sitting in an
adjacent chair leaned over and honored me with this notion, “On
real good days when I can see roughly just how life operates, it
makes me clearly aware that we are all living under extremely
cheap tensions.”


Don’t forget to write home, now, and remind ’em that all of
life’s competing interests are common interests.


When you reach that area of the solar system wherein you
begin to find one person’s story to be as good as the next, your
appreciation of fiction (and reality) will increase mightily.

A grandfatherly (he assures me that where he comes from one
may be an adverb, anyhow) a grandfatherly out on loan, in
attempting to describe to a kid the sublime intricacies of
revolutionist thought, the labyrinth complexity of new-
intelligence ultimately wrapped it up in the explanation,


Those who most faithfully pursue the dictum of “pick up the
pieces” will most likely end up with the best collection of


An intelligent looking chap I met late one night last month
over in that hazy area just laterally north of us told me in a
tone, thought hushed, that was indeed most emphatic; he said that
he has personally seen irrefutable evidence that clearly
indicates that “all of humanity’s historic and continuing
problems are a direct result of biological MIS-information being
deliberately fed to man.”


There is a certain intersection in the human nervous system
wherein all traffic laws are in suspension.


“I have a question…” “Yes?” “Just how does one
experience an extraordinary adventure?” “First, by having an
extraordinary sense OF adventure.”


Even on this rather routine world, there is a more complex
level of perception possible whereby one may discover that amidst
the continuing cacophony of all the other broadcasts, they’re yet
always “playing our song.”


A chap, last Monday I believe it was, said that he didn’t so
much mind having to stay in this universe if he could just ever
get a call through to Room Service.


Once you begin to grasp the mythic nature of the less
complex gods who have gone before us, you might see “ancestor
worship” as a faulty attempt to express a more proper attitude,
that of, shall we say, “ancestor compassion.”

Some smell an overwhelming stench of destruction, while a
few others enjoy the fragrance of a universally uplifting


“OK, listen up, kid,” said the kindly old gruff voice,
“‘Cause I’m only gonna say this a few times; those who talk a
lot, know a lot,” and the kid, rather than being more-confused-
than-ever, was SIMPLY more-confused-than-ever.


A captain without a ship can be a captain anywhere — even
in places where they’ve never even heard of water.


No matter the passion of the battle, never mind the
righteousness of the cause — never take yourself prisoner.



#606 2/7/90  L    Copyright J.M. Cox 1990

Everybody needs to do this. You need to keep some sort of
firm recognition of the fact that words ARE a form of energy, and
any other purpose they may serve is a secondary operation. The
primary function is simply that: words are energy. I see a
little blank of recognition.

Notice that people almost never notice this. The brain
finds it impossible, under the kind of energy it operates with.
It can’t do otherwise. It can’t stand still and jump up and down
at the same time. But other than that, it is quite obvious. Man
is the only creature thus far found that talks. I guess it’s not
just the opposable thumb after all. Were it not for the frontal,
corical lobes, Man would not be THAT different from any other

But look at this through a bigger hole. Not just a
different hole, but a bigger hole. Words are THE distinction
between humans and any other things in this life. Words. Words
are not just some strange something that humans accidentally
stumbled on. It is not survival of the talkiest. Words are a
form of energy, and Man moves this variety of energy and no other
creature does so. Remember this; it might come in handy some

When you forget that words are energy, and any other use
served by words is secondary, then there’s not much more for you
to forget. Or remember. Or whatever.

To pick up a few more things about my new creation myth —
and about words being a new form of energy…… I was using the
examples of finances and weather forecasting. Everybody — from
the President to the lowest peon, knows that no one can predict
the drift of the economic world. BUT, everybody talks about it.
I asked you to consider how this might be used internally. So.
Consider how it is that from an ordinary view, other people are
just full of it — everybody else might just as well be weather
forecasters. We all know that, right? We’re all surrounded by
economists and weather forecaster, and what they say. But as I
mentioned last time, it doesn’t matter: it’s still all relevant.

Perhaps you recall the few, or many, friends you have, or
used to have. And those people all have relatively stable,
reasonable views of things. Right? And the rest of the world
fits in with the definition of economists and weather
forecasters. Cheap intellectual crapshooters. It’s obvious,
right? And for the last 20, 30, 40 years, despite it all,
despite all these years of your trying life, it all just keeps
chugging along. And — I hate to say it — but despite you, when
you die, it just might keep right on going. How can this be?
When other than you and your few friends, the world is all wrong,
all skewed. How can it be that despite that, life keeps getting
better and better? It still grows and gets healthier and
healthier. Despite you. How?

And yet, it’s all pertinent. Of course, what I’m implying
is that if you could get to a broader view, you’d see that
everybody’s individual view is faulty. To say the least. (SEE
TAPE) C-force, the Gumbachi Family. Or the D-force family, the
Corlioni’s. The Corlioni’s, the ones whose duty is to do right
and make sure that others don’t get in there to muck it up.

I was going to point out that, along with weather
forecasting: there you are sitting in the morning, listening to
the forecast, and you are aware of the fact to know that they can
show satellite maps take just two hours ago, showing all the cloud
movement, and five hundred miles away you can see a storm
structure, and you can see that it’s coming your way, and it’s
going to hit by next morning and then it’ll pass by. But don’t
take any even bets. Or you go outside and it’s cloudy, and you
turn on the radio and the newscaster says, “currently cloudy
outside, but clearing and warmer by noon.” And you’re actually
cheered by it. Right? Sounds a little like religious faith.

There is a purpose in that sort of talk, otherwise it
wouldn’t exist. But note, even the weather forecasters know they
can’t forecast anything, but they continue to do it. And with a
straight face, too. Ah, you’re not really going to die when you

At the ordinary level at which the intellect operates, you
should be able to see that such talk is the talk of fools. You
feel better when the weatherman says the clouds are going to
clear away. Sometimes you may even walk in a church and half
believe you’re going to be alive after you’re dead.

I’ve made much of the idea that secondary forces and at
least as important, nowadays, as their primary purpose. The
above is a good example. The purpose of words is the movement of
energy. Everything else is secondary.

If I hadn’t given my literal telling of a new creation myth,
I would have added this: right after reality came into being,
and all of our ancestors popped up, reality produced in Man ‘the
Door’. The Door is where Life talks to Man in a singular way, in
our universe. If you continue to let Life make you answer the
Door (that it, think ordinarily), then it doesn’t matter who’s
there. It doesn’t matter who the guest it. It is the answering
of the door itself that is the hook, the punchline. You,
answering the Door.

I was trying to give a slightly different sketch about such
things as how someone might turn real quick on your own brain,
your own nervous system, and see what’s actually going on. You
can’t be living in remorse, or fear, etc., and do this. But
under certain conditions, a few people can cease responding in
certain ways. In some way, you stop all the noise. Or as in
Zen, ‘be still the fool, and the mind no longer moves….’ But
that’s not the most efficient way to do it. It’s not a matter of
in some way stopping it. The tiger is there, just behind the
Door. The noise is there. But it’s almost as though you can get
the tiger behind the closet, and it becomes background noise.

Another way to look at it is as though life were made for
Man’s verbal brain/nervous system. You are certainly being
talked to, all the way up the scale. You don’t need words to
tell you you need to eat. If you do, you are a doomed mutant.
In that sense, you’re just like a dog, or a possum, or a cat, or
a Cadillac. Life is talking, nonstop, to you. And ordinary
people find it almost impossible to NOT answer the door.

This does not exclude you not answering the door when you
know it’s someone to whom you owe money, or who is standing there
waiting to cut out your liver. Answering the Door just means
responding to the knock. All the requests, all the demands that
you hear constantly. If you answer that Door, you’re going to
spend the rest of your life right at home in Pittsburgh, because
you’re going to be stuck answering that door all the time.

You’ve got to see, it doesn’t matter whose at the door.
It’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter whether you’re saying, “god,
I feel guilty about eating that.” Or, “he’s a beautiful
sonofabitch, isn’t he?” It doesn’t matter whether you find it
pleasurable, agreeable, or not. That’s what keeps the intellect
answering the door and then running back and apparently taking
time to reflect, and then running back to answer the door again.
It looks like there is an inside and an outside because of that.

If you’re ordinary, it LOOKS like there is a difference
between whether there’s good news or bad news at the door. But,
Life hasn’t got time to care whether you like what’s at your door
or not. The only important thing is that you’ll answer the door.
One time you open the door and somebody says, “Happy Birthday
to…” and another time it says, “Die, sucker!” It doesn’t
matter. Life doesn’t care. Whether you like the person, whether
you like what he/she has to say, it doesn’t matter.

I might describe a new map as continually thinking more than
you have to. Can you see that as a method for not answering the
Door? This has nothing to do with ordinary people sitting around
sweating over whether the news at the door is good or bad. (SEE
TAPE FOR DETAILS.) Insofar as this being a method for not
answering the Door: if you can think, constantly, more than you
have to, while the door is banging (read, the door is knocking),
you can use this to keep from answering the door. For one, you
can decide whose at the door without actually opening the door.
You can decide what their message is. You can even figure out
whether they’re worth knowing or not. Which is another way of
saying: you can see, you can figure out, you can see through,
you can experience, every damn thought Life hands you. i.e.,
every messenger knocking at your door. You can even figure out
whetherd it’s worthwhile to you. All without actually answering
the Door. All without succumbing to ordinary thought.

(SEE TAPE for story about city in Arizona.) Translation.
Notice this: politically, everyone is born a citizen.
Religiously, everyone is born a child or their god. And
individually, everybody is born an individual in the non-personal
body of Life. Now, translation: Man is born in captivity, so as
to dream of freedom. That does leave open questions. If you
don’t think you got it, don’t worry, I’m not done. It DOES leave
open the question as to who is going to define “freedom.”

Before I do that: the question is not, “is Man in a
condition of freedom, or is he not?” Everyone deals with the
question of whether Man has freedom or not, on the basis of
whether you’re going to hold yourself personally responsible for
whatever. Is he a member of your family? Do you like him?
Everyone is dealing with this question of “does Man have freedom,
or does he not,” because for everyone the Door continues to
knock. All humans are continually dealing with that question.
That is what is going on with all forms of justification, self-
accusation, excuses….. it’s all tied to that question. “Are
you going to hold me responsible? Did you go to school to get
this dumb?” Etc. Simply on the basis of “Am I going to be
responsible for what I do, and am I going to hold others
responsible?”, people do what they do.

But whether people are free or not is NOT the question. The
question is: without any reference to what’s on the other side
of the door, “what IS freedom, for me. If I had it, or if I
could get it.” THAT’s the question. And nobody on the other
side of the Door has the answer. So forget all that. It’s of no
consequence. The only question, for you, is “what is freedom,
for me?”

By the way, this is another great example of First Story
phenomenon, and “I knew that already” dynamics. EVERYBODY knows
what freedom is, right? What could be a better example of First
Story? Ask the world, “What IS freedom?” and you’ll get laughed
out of the stadium. The whole world knows what freedom is. Of

Let me give you some suggestive sketches, about what might
be freedom, at another level. It’s beyond any question of
freedom, for the ordinary person just on the physical level. You
don’t need ‘freedom’ do be able to, “well, I’d like an arsenic
sandwich. Or maybe a tire iron. A tossed salad of armadillo
nightmares. I’m tired of food that’s supposed to be good for
humans.” Or, “I wish I could hate me as much as I hate my
mother. Maybe I could just strip off a little bit of my skin
everyday until there’s nothing left, or something.”

I won’t go on. If you didn’t get that, well……. The
point is, the only place where the question of ‘freedom’ has any
relevance is up here in the head. Below that, it’s a moot point.
Real freedom, the kind I’m talking about, is more like this,
maybe: the freedom to avoid the general demands of Life that do
not specifically aid you. To pursue those things that most other
people would NOT find of any benefit. Like This. You can’t
pursuade anybody else that being here is important. It’s not
something you can’t live without. You won’t die if you can’t do
This. But, freedom might be to pursue something you want to
pursue, that there is no basis for doing other than that you want
to. Freedom might be to think from no known point. To think in
your own language.

This kind of extraordinary freedom might be also, that you
could create your OWN First Stories. Or, if I must be crude,
you’re sitting there and just before Life hollers out, “Western
Union here….” and it’s about to tell you what to think — and
right quick, you just make up your own First Story. And that
takes care of that. OR, it might the freedom NOT to ever answer
the Door, and not the regret it, and not to ever remember it.
Or, — that could have been the last one, but there is a
sub-carrier to that one. It might be: you never answer the Door,
and you never regret not answering, because you never REMEMBER
not answering — but it’s a multiple knock. There’re there.
There ARE multiple knocks, it’s just that the ordinary intellect
is not normally geared to notice or deal with more than one at a
time. I’m suggesting that if you could think from a whole new
position, in your own brain, that you might then be able to
entertain multiple knocks, and simultaneously be doing all this
figuring out, and never answer the Door, and never regret it, and
never remember not answering it.

Or, as I suggested, you could take it a little further and
think too much. It’s all knocking, inside and out. “Should I
stay with her? God, I paid for most of the furniture….” That
is multiple knocks of the Door. Another way is to entertain then
ALL at the same time, and still be able to figure,
simultaneously, whose there, where they’re from, what they’re
like — all without answering the Door, and with no particular
prejudice of one over another. Either 1) you just don’t answer
the Door, and that’s that, or 2) you entertain all the knocks
going on all the time, and have no preference of one over
another, without ever having to answer the Door, because you make
all the decisions about the messengers behind them.