Jan Cox Talk 0598

No One Knows Anything Inconsequential


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#598 ** Jan 19, 1990 ** – 1:04 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :05. Everybody has a “creation myth” about their sense of what they are as either coming from nothing (I don’t know how I got here) or coming from something (I’m the way I am because…). To personalize your myth is to allow the intellect to create a duality form which there is no escape. To put your intellect at the center of a creation myth limits what you can think.

Everything known by old intelligence is inseparable from old intelligence. Nobody knows anything that is of no consequence to them personally, Part of the fun of This Thing is learning something which is of no personal significance. J. has not used the word myth up to now so as not to have to define it. He doesn’t wish to oppose the current dictionary definition or re-define it: he doesn’t even want to have to say it.

Consider the significance of words undefined. The only significance is when they are undefined (from a more complex view). A good myth quite simply presents itself only to good and proper ears. Only when its power weakens does it try to prove itself. All religious myths–in words—have become ritualized, brittle, and must be taken seriously. Telling “what kind of guy you are” is the personalizing of your myth; it is a sure sign of waning power. Only information that “proves itself” is of interest to ordinary intelligence.

Everything is built upon such info, but this is like subtraction, dismantling of the original. It is like putting grits on grits, i.e., making the bland blander yet. The real use of a personal creation symbol or myth is in its undifferentiation, when it is undefined it has no meaning. The world must be big enough for everybody or else everything wouldn’t be possible. Your own personal myth must remain unspoken, undefined.

1:00 Epilogue: gift: consider possible public names for This Thing.