Jan Cox Talk 0595

A Dream of Paradise Lost Is a Dream of What Hasn’t Happened Yet


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#595 Jan 12, 1990 – 1:04 
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. All questions of whether there is progress or not, are “unthinkably irrelevant” in face of the concept that movement, per se, is the vital sign of creation. What if “Tertium Quid” (E force) is just for the purpose of preempting a choice of or for C or D force? What if it were necessary misdirection for purposes of movement? It is more profitable for a Real Revolutionist and Life to live in an area of conflict rather than stagnation.

The human intellect cannot determine/define which actions are life supporting and which are not. This is the source of the everyday frustrations man has in arriving at a consensus. Lack of consensus itself is not the source of man’s frustration, it is his incomplete perception that is the source. The frustration is in not having a choice, vs, making ‘wrong’ selections. Humanity is driven to account for the potential worth of anything, as long as it is moving. Only the dead are not eligible for rehabilitation by the living. No one can absolutely judge that anything moving is beyond redemption. 

The reversibility of energy flow thru the “mentis lens”-man; movement is the singular vital sign of creation/evolution; and history. What if history is no less than the ‘gods’ (man’s more simplistic ancestors) attempting to reclaim diminished power, the verbal reinforcing of former glory? Connection to individuals talking about themselves, their past. The past is always more simplistic; humans have not descended from gods, they have ascended.

Thus there is no such thing as a living, potent, cogent, religious past, although this completely defies the beliefs of the ordinary intellect. The dreams of paradise lost is really a dream of what hasn’t happened yet. If it happens, it will happen in humans now or in future. The actual past is primitive and limited.