Jan Cox Talk 0591

Speech–For Life It’s Not the Accuracy but the Energy


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#591 Jan 3, 1990 – 1:08
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :06. No one can define every word they use. But so what? It sure doesn’t stop anyone from talking. This is a refinement of “nobody knows what they’re going to say next”. Men do not even know what they are saying, yet “the job gets done”. Energy stimulation is the leading edge of language; the ‘content’ of words falls into the sub-carrier category.

Recently, upon the death of a woman’s “husband” of thirty years, “he” was then discovered to be a woman, while the wife could only say: “he was the perfect husband”. This illustrates the complex fact that the ideal state of anything is what it is not, what it cannot be.

There can be no captivity without the illusion of freedom. The total captivity of speech is taken by humans to be ultimate freedom.

1:00 Epilogue. Don’t be impatient with the apparent conservatism of longer-time members of the group; their stability is needed, as This Thing is shockingly radical even when muted and stabilized. Don’t let the biological weight of age catch up with you, make you dense. The Yellow Circuit/brain should not be subject to the aging process in a Real Revolutionist you should be getting better/younger.

end:1:08, cutting off about 8 more minutes of epilogue as summarized above.