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All “Wrong” Information Is Merely Incomplete


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#585 ** Dec 18. 1989 ** – 1:08
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. To do This Thing—have new experience—you cannot extract anything from it by remaining unchanged personally, i.e., what you are. There is a trickiness, a subtleness to the extent that the method and intent merges with the Aim of it. This merger of journey with destination is inappropriate, unnatural, disallowed in life or all activity would cease.

There is no such thing as wrong info or impotent energy. All ‘wrong’ info is merely incomplete, i.e., incompletely perceived. There are two levels of transferred info: leading level and sub-level. The leading level is what can be considered by 3-d consciousness to be ‘wrong’. Example of a man stating “2+2 = 5”; leading level is ‘wrong’ but sub-level (unstated and not properly perceived) completes the transfer: “I am mathematically incompetent”. Further example of man who says “God talks to me” or “the bible is god’s definitive word”, or “your position is morally, logically, etc. wrong” with compensatory sub-level statement: “I am made/forced to say this”.

It is the Real Revolutionist’s joy, and job, to continually add to the 3-d knowledge available here…for his own personal use. Connection to no product can exist without its concomitant use/user; New Info unused tends to become a non-product. Connection to man’s belief that computers are becoming more than they are, exceeding man’s (their creators) input: Man talks about himself, his ‘personality’ constantly from earliest history in the same way, i.e., as a computer that exceeds its input; history itself is the perfect example of this.


A certain revolutionist biker had this to say, “One thing I truly enjoy
about my-kinda-info is that you can turn it inside out, shrink it,
bleach it, lend it out to a friend, never have it returned, and its
STILL yours, useful,
and “just right.”

One son would always. say, “Hey, it’s not as hard as it looks,” and
his brother would always say, “Things are not as easy as they appear,” and their mother,
who had some aspirations of “pulling herself together,” one day called them both
together and set them on fire…

In the throes of some sort of fit or another, a man cried out,
“If the gods be with us, who can be against us?”
And another voice, apparently un-throed, cried back,
“Their in-laws.”
…(Case closed.)

If it’s not initially impossible, unwarranted, or frightening – its
not new.

The literate nephew of one of the old sore-heads recently remarked,
“Should our reasonable concern really be over the question of whether ‘machines are becoming too smart,’ or whether men are
becoming too dumb?”
…(Hey, do we see a future
for the lad, or what?)

If the question’s on the right, the answer’s on the left.

While “looking into causes” many people become them.

Question: What could be better than knowing you could do better than you do?
Answer: Nothing.
………aye, wait, you didn’t think I’as
gonna say …naw, surely you didn’t
think that.

(Inasmuch as you haven’t been invited to do so recently, herein, you may
confidently, “trust me on this one”:
A guy that “knows it all,”
never “tells it all.”

One pandemic sore-head holds his head, swaying with perverse pleasure
while telling me that a sure “sign of our times – of ALL times, is the intergalactic proliferation of the old question, ‘Is stupid spelled
with one, or two

The most unforgettable advice one lad received from his retreating pater was,
“Never invite a one-eyed
hyena to a buffet.”
…(and to think, today, this lad is a father

In-the-future it’s not enough to “say you’re sorry,” you must also kill
the person you say it to.

When they showed this one guy the tumor they had removed from his brain,
he became very upset in that he realized they had removed his
brain, and left the tumor.

If your father’s Bach, play the drums.

The first voice said, “Without man there is no humor.”
A second voice responds,
“Without man there is no NEED for humor.”

One part-time salesman and part-time thinker, recently posed the following:
“In the overall scheme of things, specifically regarding questions of origins, and ‘first causes,’
I have one question – How does a bus driver get to work?

An ambassador I lunched with Friday confided to me that in these later
years his life had truly bloomed, and that he felt specifically fulfilled now that he possessed a ’39 Bugatti once owned by the Duke of Waverly in the

O.K., “Expansion Alert”: If your father’s Bach, TELL them you want to
play the drums.

Over in the more commercial precinct, I ran across a fellow who was on
a quest to find THE religion “just right for him;” and in his extensive travels, whenever he would meet with an adherent to a particular belief, he had but
one test question he presented to them one and all; he queried them as to whether they “pictured their god in boxer,
or jockey shorts?”

During that recent, unfortunate lull, a dentist told me that the names
you see on books are not actually who wrote them, and that none
of the publishers, public, or writers are aware of this fact …
…(he also claims that no one seems harmed
by it.)

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