Jan Cox Talk 0583

Man Credits His Creation What He Lacks, But Dreams He Possesses


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#583 Dec 13. 1989 – 1:06
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :08. “Computers and freewill”. Consider the popular newspaper headline “soon computers will equal humans in intelligence”. Yet computers are only digital recording machines; how can intelligent people accept such claims to superiority? Here is a new approach to the old problem of ‘freewill’.

The headline (as well as the people accepting it) is a de facto declaration anew of the attribution of what man lacks—freewill—to a hoped-for man made machine improvement. It is the god dream turned inside out; man attributes to his creation (computers, instead of to god) what he himself lacks, but dreams he in fact possesses; the freedom to exceed his creator; that his output will exceed his input. Man considers computers to be his future.

Another headline: “The computer will be able to read human emotions/moods flawlessly (allowing perfect communication; tailoring of response to optimum potential of reception)”. This is again the attribution of an ability beyond the human; no human can avoid being misled by the communicative signals of another—they are misled all the time; humans cannot tell ‘bad’ (misunderstood) info from ‘good’ info.