Jan Cox Talk 0582

The “McDonaldizing” of Human Thought


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#582 ** Dec 11, 1989 ** – 1:08
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :08. The “McDonaldizing of human thought”. Franchising the final outposts of the small businessman; is not the sacrifice of the illusion of freedom, the guarantee of profit, swapped for the entrepreneurial spirit? The true entrepreneur is not limited to buying from affiliated suppliers, not limited to set menus, hours or prices. Cf. men are the franchisee to Life, the franchiser. You are the franchisee to the “you” business for Life. Men have the ‘freedom of adventure’ without the freedom or the adventure. This Thing = not being locked into the ordinary concept of freedom or adventure.

Advertising: the making of things more than they are. Relation to people needing to define what ‘kind of guy they are’. The first thought, the first word of the brain is in definition of what ‘kind of guy I am’. Example of shoe advertising not being about shoes/goods, but about the users of same. Cf. thought process; thoughts per se are not important, but the people thinking the thoughts are, i.e., the process of thinking.

Consider the improvement of the microphone, the telephone over the telegraph. The former is a direct energy transfer (immediate reception of message) relative to the latter, an indirect energy transfer (reception of instructions for reconstruction of message). Reconstruction- assembly requires an intermediate agency whereas direct transmission does not. Telegraph is a ‘facsimile’ (translation) process where telephone is an ‘equivalency’ process requiring no intermediary. Consider internal applications.