Jan Cox Talk 0581

Real New Information Always Appears Confusing


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#581 Dec 8, 1989 – 0:58
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :07. Ordinary intelligence cannot divine the difference between flawed info and ‘truthful’ info, which is to say it cannot differentiate between which info is useful to its “First Story” (FS) and which not. When presented with Real New Info, the ordinary intellect is nonplussed, irritated, can be frightened and even rendered temporarily dysfunctional (when necessary). Humans are constructed to find all FS-s satisfying (or else it cannot be a FS), but when pushed beyond that, it inevitably disintegrates. The ordinary intellect is also wired-up to be distressed at the breakdown of its FS.

Real New Info is always seen as oppressive, confusing, frightening, and is crippling to established data. In the “Spy Story” where a suspicious character is caught outside the military base by MPs, he presents the upsetting-to-FS New Info “I am a concerned citizen trying to help”. The MPs are the established data that is crippled. There is a lag, a gap at such times which can be used by the RE/Real Explorer.

Although Life may not actually need people doing This Thing, it nevertheless seems to enjoy it. Consider the parallel enjoyment that might be felt by your established authorities when presented by new information.