Jan Cox Talk 0574

In Secondary Intellectual Mirrors, Things Are Bigger Than They Are


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#574 ** Nov 22, 1989 ** – 1:05
Notes by TK

Kyroot to :05. What is ordinarily considered to be aggression between a lover and his beloved is actually friendly, supportive action. It is mystifying to psychology why and how, in the first place, that family hostility even can exist. The ‘unconscious’ must be invoked to account for it. But why is it so impossible for City humans to see that such violence is at base an attempt to compensate for the beloved’s perceived shortcomings, flaws. After all, people can see how hot can be seen as cold, up as down etc. in today’s modern conceptual framework of relativity.

But for ordinary men the idea that aggression between partners as a friendly, even loving act, cannot be comprehended. Subconsciously driven hostility is a totally unsatisfying explanation whereas aggression seen as a compensatory, supportive action is totally explanatory. An individual is significant to Life but his Secondary Level energy transfers are utterly insignificant in contrast to Life.

The intellect makes Secondary Level things bigger than they are. It sends out ideas like mutations or promising spores into the Secondary Level flow of Life. Once successfully established it creates its own ‘critics’ and opposition/growth. To see this otherwise would be the equivalent of believing the siring of children to be a critical, a negative act since they will oppose in one way or another, their parents. It is only in the Secondary Level that Life can make drastic changes overnight, not at the primary, physical level. This shows the important of the Secondary Level to Life (and thus to man); it is not really Secondary Level anymore.

Note that now a person’s intellectual reputation can be proven, sustained and augmented by what they are seen to be interested in, i.e., what books they read, art they like etc.