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Three Laws for Systems


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July 24, 1989
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#523 ** Jul 24, 1989 ** – 1:25
Notes by TK

All systems must name those outside the system in a prejudicial and derogatory manner. Healthy, growing systems must label other systems, and such labels, even if they be innocuous at first, become very shortly prejudicial and derogatory. No Secondary Level foe is a foe until named. Opposition must be acknowledged by name. What if it is the naming process that produces, participates in the creation of opposition? How then could opposition then be overcome by the means of words?

Law: all systems are wired up to eventually come to believe they are in the “rescue” business, the conversion trade, the forcible education industry. They all come to feel they are more than their original purpose—profit, and wish to do ‘good works’: contribute and redeem their society.

Law: all systems have a ‘hook’ (e.g., lead-in musical phrase to the song “Satisfaction”). This includes all ideas constantly, repeatedly entertained in the brain. TD/the dialogue, has an irresistible hook.

Law: people are generally wired up to want to think improvisationally (free-floating, work-in-progress), but want to act according to an established pattern, a score. This is a reflection of the necessary balance of C-. D-, and E-energies in the Body of Life.

Life speaks in fragments; things are not hidden, just fragmented beyond ordinary comprehension. The RE can increase what he hears of Life’s speech by not taking it in a personal manner. The ‘personal’ premise creates fragmentation of the auditory capacity. The RE turns his back on his personal interests to hear Life wholly; is interested in what doesn’t personally interest him.

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Excursion: look for ‘hooks’ in all facets of life, all systems. E.g., “Jesus saves” for Christianity. They are everywhere.