Jan Cox Talk 0522

Life’s Expansion is Invisible


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July 21, 1989
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#522 * Jul 21, 1989 * – 1:06
Notes by TK

Metaphor of Life/man as huge rubber glove with many fingers, filled with a “growth goo” that is being squeezed by Life via 3-d reality. One of the fingers has a pinhole at the end thru which the growth goo leaks out; this is man’s intellect and it is the only place where expansion is taking place for Life. But it is invisible expansion; what man does at the visible level is all secondary, mere manipulation, rearrangement of already present elements. Man approaches the truly new via the intellect.

Thus the question for a RE is not ‘what will you do with your life?’; rather, it is: ‘what will you do with your intelligence?”. Your life is what is done to you; only in the intellect does the possibility of change exist. The intellect is Life’s “sower” of lines of supporting, conflicting, parallel, irrelevant energies; energy dispersal agent of ideas which always carry some combination of mixture of C-,D-, and E-elements. E.g., war spreads commerce as well as death and destruction. There is no such thing as a linear, unalloyed energy dispersal.

Ideas are considered as ‘SMM’ (Some, Much, Most) or ‘SMA’ (Some, Most, All) in their inconclusiveness. Relation to law: a system’s visible success (existence) is based upon its systematic lack of completion (not just ‘failure’) re: its stated purpose. A corollary: all visible failure may be more complex success; Life doesn’t fail. New Intelligence sees this arrangement as proof-positive of Life’s glowing health. Relation to: all secondary problems arise out of somebody-somewhere’s attempt to ‘help’. Thus the RE would say to his brain, “thanks but don’t help”.

1:04 Epilogue for all in attendance: J. is pleased when people find what they are looking for—if it be This Thing. J. specifically encourages all involved with This Thing, not having put it into words before.
End 1:06.