Jan Cox Talk 0521

The Place Where Life Expands


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July 19, 1989
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#521 Jul 19, 1989 – 0:58
Notes by TK

More on Life’s uses of the intellect in man. The intellect is the place where man expands, therefore Life expands. The expansion is seen in the continuing series of creations arising out of an original act or presence. E.g., documentary on “The Life and Music of Sal ‘the vulture’ Manella”—no matter the reaction (positive or negative)—is a kind of self-inclusive-self-generation process out of Sal’s life and music. The interpretation of the documentary producer is a second-level creation which somehow includes itself in the process.

Law: Life not only interfaces with man “where it does, but also where he thinks it does”. To know this law is to be able to give a knowledgeable, non-hostile shrug (Dr. Shrug vs. Dr. Hug) regarding Old World activity. The Michelangelo “finger-touch creation”: god creates man, but after that man touches back; man participates in the creation. Man transfers, diffuses energies with his every reaction whether wild acclaim or snarling ridicule.

All Life-issued premises come into being, have their purview, in the overlap between Action and Thinking of Action (or the time-consuming weary internal wrangling between the two which is also part of man’s continuing participation in ‘finger-touch’ creation). Consider: man is the area in which the overlap of A and TOA for Life itself occurs.

Only that which is apparently impossible, cute beyond words etc. is worthwhile info.