Jan Cox Talk 0520

The Overlap and Beyond


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July 17, 1989
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#520 Jul 17. 1989 – 1:06
Notes by TK

Is intelligence a private, personal internal process or a general, diffuse external one? These are the two kinds. It is possible to keep one eye on one kind and the other eye on the other kind; where they overlap = New Intelligence. Ordinary intelligence is conflict. With one eye intelligence is seen as a noun/object; with the other eye it can be seen as a verb/process. But the attempt to pin it down to one or the other is based on a faulty premise. They overlap; intelligence is not either, rather a bond between these two interpretations. It is a working area between the personal you and Life in general (not-you). The intellect is a bonding agent between you and Life itself.

Sci-Fi villains all have a flaw: although they must represent potential conquerors they always lack ordinary intelligence; they are embodiments of the lower, primitive capabilities of man, exaggerated. It is an atavism and not a worthy adversary. The electrochemical basis of this arrangement: ordinary human intellect cannot conceive of an intelligently willful D-force agent, i.e., villainy on an equal intellectual footing. Balancing this is the small sustained interest in unalloyed C-force agents.

The overlap of the two is what people want, where the action is. No one who is caught in evil deeds (i.e., who feels guilty) considers they were doing willful evil; therefore they explain and expiate.] Intellects don’t seem to have physical boundaries like bodies do.

Ordinary perception is dimensionally lacking, therefore people don’t exist where they think they do— intellectually. They live where things overlap—that is what being alive is. The extremes of the bell-curve have very little overlap. The overlap is seen by the ordinary as the stress of living, aggravation and ambivalence.

New Intelligence = perception of overlap everywhere in life, and the willful overlap, in the brain, of apparently separate, parallel events. There is a place even beyond overlap: the place of no premises.