Jan Cox Talk 0519

Escaping the Confines of a Premise


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July 14, 1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0519 Jul 14. 1989 – 1:04
Notes by TK

A Real Explorer is seeking to escape the confines of having a premise; that is his premise. A High Definition Thinker could never be satisfied to base existence on a constantly unknown premise. Only unknown arguments and conclusions can arise out of such premises. To talk about one’s self requires a premise, but it is unknown. Talk pays off with passion/sensation/sentiment, either positive or negative.

Without a premise, pro and con regarding anything is impossible. Why does Life arrange things such that men are unaware of their premises? The original unknown premise is ‘god’. It is the answer that is no answer—i.e., unknowable, therefore useless, but seemingly known because there is a word for it. Why does Life hide premises from men?

In the 3-d world everything seems inescapably causal. E.g., in the “nature vs. nurture” question, only these two options are available in the linear world. One or the other must be the answer—it is obvious. But what is not obvious (other than to a Real Explorer) is that neither answer is satisfactory to anyone, not even to he that proposes it. Therefore the obvious is not obvious to the ordinary.

To carry on to the third level of the non-obvious obvious is that it is obvious that it is not correct that only two options are available. Humans do not exist within a linear world, except as and when they think they do, “If you’re made (constructed) to think it’s true, then by god it is for you.” Whatever humans think is true, is true for them; but this strikes the Nervous System as irrelevant, moot. Why does Life set up such an arrangement in the first place? Because it is efficiency par excellence to build-in the premise which activates each individual’s functioning in/for Life.

Nobody exists where they think they do. Everybody sees only partial reality, deals with incomplete info. Where the senses begin, all premises start.

Another impossible name for This Thing: Unidentifiable Violent Perception (Mitigated Murder on the Orient Express).

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Excursion: ask yourself what would seem to be your likely Old World unknown premise?