Jan Cox Talk 0518

Don’t Tell Yourself What You Are Doing


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July 12, 1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0518 – Jul 12, 1989 ** – 1:25
Notes by TK

More on ‘talk’. Talk serves Secondary Level purposes, although since Secondary Level activity is necessary for humans it is a Primary Level activity; there is really no such thing as Secondary Level activity for men. The transition from Primary Level to Secondary Level is a gradual process. Words always seem deficient because no metaphor, no definition is perfect since it relies on comparison and therefore on a premise.

All words depend on prior words and therefore never begin where that which they describe begins. The intellect must have a premise; what people think is their premise. There are enough premises to go around, although it is a fact of the Nervous System that nobody believes this to be the case. Everybody operates on the premise (believes) their own premise to be one of the few valid ones, while most others are defective, non-real. The Old World can be seen as the place where all men seek the premise of their lives. People are what they say; they are what they say they are.

Language can be categorized into ‘factual’ and ‘social’ corresponding to Primary Level and Secondary Level activity (such distinction is artificial however; they are conjoined). Life needs to somehow encourage men to talk beyond the satiation naturally occurring at the Primary Level of talk. Life has done this admirably in the area of sex and food, where their pleasure is so great as to be pursued as hobbies –beyond the Primary Level. To get men to talk unendingly at a ‘Secondary Level’, words are sensational, they are passion evoking: pleasure or pain (the same thing). Moreover, Life needs men to talk about themselves; thus they have feeling, sentiment, about themselves.

What could anyone say about themselves that had no sentiment, no interest behind it? An unrecognized law: only a Real Explorer has thought about something without saying it. If you say it to yourself, you’ve said it. The premise of the law: it’s not impossible to think without saying.
Don’t tell yourself what you’re doing; Neuralization = remember without thinking about, or, think about without remembering. The Internal Dialogue = what is thought becoming what is said. That which is thought is meant to be said (in TID if not overtly vocally); the two processes are not separate. The Real Explorer can go beyond “swallowing his pride”: he can swallow everything.