Jan Cox Talk 0516

Perception Integral


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July 7,1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0516 – Jul 7, 1989 – 1:17
Notes by TK

A ‘shift’ or switch happened in the middle ages/renaissance times in the forms of education and learning. The free-form, open air university based on a single, non-accredited, itinerant teacher gave way to the formalized, institutionalized university with curricula and accreditation: the form of western education.

An unrecognized law: the perception of a system becomes integral to its function/purpose, even primary to it.

Language is a talk-food-chain and it requires that people be settled into Citified collections. Language is either immediately pleasurable (“look! Good food over there!”) or creates displeasure (“your father is dying”) to people; to Life it is neutral, indifferent. Examples of words evoking passion in the primitive which are neutral to a more complex being (e.g., the word ‘ride’ for a dog who associates it with the veterinarian’s office).

Life uses language thru man passionately. Electricity is neutral but its action causes passion (shock vs. music from stereo system). The word ‘god’ is the attempt to have at least one thought/word that is without premise, without passion. The great “S.C.P.” (Supremely Confident Premise): “things could be different”; is like the starter in the engine of humanity.

The Partner is like an unreliable employee/relative who can’t be fired or abandoned. Should be told (one time only) a description of the situation with your incontestable understanding and acceptance of its finality, but then given the absolute injunction to never speak of it again …or if that’s too big an effort, not to even bother coming in to work on that day.