Jan Cox Talk 0515

No Premise


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July 5, 1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0515 – Jul 5, 1989 ** – 1:29
Notes by TK

Backwards history is literally meaningless per se; forwards history can’t be usefully talked about. Evolution of man can be seen as synonymous with the evolution of City life, the coalescing into diverse collections of energy. Also, all aspects of culture are direct products of the City. The ‘dark ages’ are equivalent to the destruction/abandonment of City life to return to a more primitive isolated pastoral life.

The Renaissance = the return to City life and the coeval turning away from the influence of the church/religion toward the secular and the enjoyment of life-here-now. This evolutionary reality/stage is presently extant in the modern Nervous System. The dark ages and the renaissance recur in daily activities. The brain without The Dialogue = a kind of void, a primordial soup awaiting the electric discharge that will create the first life. It is the dark ages awaiting the renaissance of language.

Religious prophets always come from City life; they are predicted and called for by voices of would-be hermits in the wilderness of the dark ages —the more primitive energies of the brain. Such is what drives the ‘seeker’.

Established City life with developed heavy industry/technology always requires extensive capitalization and such capitalization is always coupled to collusion/conspiracies of granted exclusive franchises. Life has too much invested in man to allow crucial energy flows to chance.

If a man claims to have special knowledge or represent a system with secret knowledge, yet admits to its having a premise for its foundation, he has no such knowledge. But the intellect cannot function without premises; ordinary knowledge is not possible without it, no doubts, no fears, no questions. According to mankind, all gods have a premise.

The basic premise of life: “something has got to be done; something’s got to change”. All cults have for their premise, the founder’s fears. This Thing, when it is operating right, has no premise. All Nervous System operations are based on premises.