Jan Cox Talk 0514

Ambiguous Therefore Mutagenic


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July 3, 1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0514 – Jul 3, 1989 * – 1:24
Notes by TK

Suggested Title:  Ambiguous Therefore Mutagenic

Expansion on the difficulty of improving a primitive situation. Almost all ordinary situations are primitive, i.e., psychological, human problems. All those involved in same are absolutely helpless and it is a waste of your energy to attempt assistance. To make This Thing a kind of parallel of the primary level concerns is to provide a kind of automatic self-protective mechanism. It is a kind of extraordinary non-aggressive selfishness which functions in all primitive situations.

Everybody wants to be able to play his own song —’to tell the truth’ —but are unable since it is not in Life’s best interest. The soliciting of favors requires language, therefore it is a Secondary Level activity. Real Explorer methods to deflect such solicitation: non-hostile stalling; returning all statements with a question (“really?” – “is that so?” etc.); direct statement of refusal to help on the basis of not wanting to help anyone to hurt themselves; ultimate method is non-hostile silence. Coupled to the request for favors is the heightened desire for drastic change; it is built in to the Nervous System and can result in a ‘conversion’ which is no real change.

Revolutionary Info must have tolerance. The words from the gods are the epitome of intolerant, e.g., “Ten Commandments” (not suggestions), or else they are not important, not heeded. Revolutionary Info is ambiguous, therefore mutagenic, but only for those few who can heed.

The thinking about the desire for fame is not absolutely forbidden in the Real Explorer. The speaking of it however is unseemly, unnatural and unprofitable. It’s OK to be “some kind of guy” as long as you never admit it.

1:21 end of public tape. Epilogue: some are falling in to a “severe drift pattern”; recognize and stop it or get out.

[1:24 end.