Jan Cox Talk 0512

As Costs Increase, More Work Gets Done


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June 28, 1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0512 – Jun 28, 1989 ** – 1:28
Notes by TK

“Faulty” IQ tests becoming/generating self-fulfilling prophecy. Why does Life allow such self-fulfilling prophecies? Note that they are always on the basis of being one-way negative; you never hear of self-fulfilling prophecy that works out to the benefit of those involved. Connection to the pretense of love, is love. If you could sustain the pretense of being more complex, more intelligent, how could you be found out otherwise? How could Life stop you? What if self-fulfilling prophecies work positively too, but Life doesn’t want this to be generally known?

An unrecognized law: as energy costs increase, more work gets done! More work is produced by the pressure of growth even while the cost of it rises. Otherwise everything would be moribund. The greater the cost of energy, the greater the rewards/produce. The ordinary City reality: energy cost is inversely related to produce. The Real Explorer pushes at all frontiers of possibility –chaos– all the while with no backup plan, no fallback position. The Dialogue (TD) = backup plan. This is the way ordinary consciousness works; everybody has an alternative; suicide is the ultimate one. The Real Explorer has no contingency schemes.

The job description, the function, of a rich man in life is not normally compatible with the job of doing This Thing. If you’re not a rich man, don’t miss the opportunity to do the small-fry jobs well. Make all jobs, jobs-well-done, forget about the ‘big’ one well-done that will make you rich and famous.

Nothing is incorrect about strictly motor habits; it can be useful when on habit’s autopilot so as to free energy for upper level explorations.

Prayer is formalized ‘talking to yourself’; formally dressed dialogue. It is a business-like momentary focusing of The Dialogue energy. This can be used by the Real Explorer. A more enriched prayer: not talking to yourself, a seeming ‘anti-prayer’. In earlier historic times, only the rich knew about prayer. The gods noticed only the rich. As Life has expanded, the poor have been required to pray and the rich have no further need of it. Consider what is poor (simple) and what is rich (complex) in your own Nervous System. The more primitive ideas in the cortex are habitual thus relatively immobile.

An unrecognized fact: only the simple believe words have actual magic (e.g., prayer, curses, chants, hexes, love-words); the more complex know they do but ordinarily don’t understand the meaning or nexus thereof.