Jan Cox Talk 0511

Break From The Past


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June 26, 1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0511 – Jun 26, 1989 * – 1:27
Notes by TK

Story: In a strange state a man offers himself for election to public office with no party affiliation. He pledges his efforts to promote anything that will further the civilized evolution of humanity. An interviewer asks: “How could it possibly be determined objectively what would be promoting to civilization’s advance?”

Candidate’s reply: “If you can’t tell, then you ain’t!” Those unable to discern what is good for human growth are not themselves good for it. There is always one view of any event or idea/process that is more growth producing, complex, healthy, and another which is more simple and sickly. There is a clear, better choice for those with New Intelligence. The Real Explorer is ever dissatisfied on a further level than ordinary people; he wants to be on the go , or at least planning same at all times.

Repetition builds strength (e.g., body-building exercises) in the limbic and cortical-talk level. It gives stability and sanity in those areas, but it is a strength unneeded by the Real Explorer. People don’t like to be questioned on subjects they have no Prejudice (strength) in, no opinion on. The Real Explorer makes a de facto individual-level cut in the general genetic chain/flow of humanity. It is the reality of a break with the past. No change is possible without a break with the past.

People want to fit in (this is the purpose of fads). This is true at the cortical level; even while saying they want to be an ‘individualist’, they crave to think with the crowd. The Real Explorer has a kind of custom-built intelligence, limbic and cortical system. It is his task always to do the complex. For the Real Explorer it’s not easy to be of any assistance to the primitive; to render aid in a primitive situation.

Consider the internal application: everybody is always concerned with struggling with the primitive in themselves. The simple wishes no change; it is nearly immobile. Should the simple, by chance travel, they do not learn from the experience. This is the reality behind the virtual impossibility to think The New. Assistance to the simple is not necessary or becoming to a Real Explorer.