Jan Cox Talk 0510

Right Past Everything is Something Else


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Jan Cox Talk 0510 – Jun 23, 1989 – 1:01
Notes by TK

Everything nameable has a superior. Nobody has any real interest in something without a superior, e.g., capital-g god vs. Jesus or Jehovah vs. Mohammed. It is unsatisfying because it embodies a constant. The only Real Constant is that “everything is relative”, that there is no constant. It is easy enough for men to say everything is relative but it is not nourishing to them. Relation to “beyond everything is something else”.

Right past everything is something else. Beyond the complex is the more complex; beyond the complex is the more simple; beyond the simple is the complex, beyond the simple is the more simple. Connects to Real Info being equally true forwards or backwards. History is true forward and backwards. The Real Explorer can actually go back and alter his history, relearn the past, since memory and the past are not the same thing. Consider your position then: What if nothing could bug you?

New energy from a ‘job well done’ vs. energy loss from one not well done. The job well done can be on the basis of merely pleasing yourself, or it may involve pleasing an audience. The conformance of Thinking of Action (TOA) to Action has a favorable payoff, a favorable flow of energy thru the body; it is Life’s encouragement of itself for doing what it plans to do.

It is a sensual, cellular, non-personal, good-feeling positive flow of energy. Consider how a Revolutionary job well done would feel; there can be no audience at this level, they can not even see the job; the job is unnecessary, needn’t be done.

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