Jan Cox Talk 0508

Ordinary goals must be vague..

Reading of Kyroots with 24 minutes of video to boot.


The video has only Jan’s Comments , while the Audio has the aphorism reading for an hour.

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Jan Cox Talk 0508 – Jun 19, 1989 – 1:28
Notes by TK

Group reading of Kyroots to 1:05.

Jan elaborates on certain ones. The Real Explorer is never outsmarted; he will defuse potential negative impact even when there is almost nothing to lose.

Goals of change must be vague in the ordinary or no attempt to change is possible, change would be instantaneous. Cost-efficiency is not possible in the ordinary City system.

Revolutionary data is equally useful forward or backward.

If you can’t defeat Life in your internal Dialogue, make its victories increasingly expensive to the degree of bankruptcy (of The Dialogue).

The News — first set see k120787.txt