Jan Cox Talk 0505

Nothing is Complete Without Criticism


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Jun 12, 1989
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Jan Cox Talk 0505 – Jun 12, 1989  * – 1:25
Notes by TK

Nothing is completed until it is criticized. Resistance = life. Criticism is not an add-on, it is intrinsic and desirable. Criticism takes many forms and time frames. Criticism makes anything more complex—placing new, unexpected emphasis, establishing ‘meaning’. But there is one activity, a form of art, that apparently Life offers no criticism of: talk. Talk is not criticized, not made more complex than it is already by new emphasis or meaning/interpretation.

Nobody comments on the process of talk itself. Talk just seems to run as Life’s own art form with no need of completion…yet. What if The Dialogue is Life’s initial foray into offering criticism of talk?

“The first act is metaphorical, the second is not”. All self-improvement activity is metaphorical to the person engaged in it. This Thing is not This Thing until it becomes “real life”; until then it is just metaphorical –less useful that it can be.

Do men try to achieve the better or suppress the worse? All sense of change is based on the latter –suppression of the lesser. It is based on Nervous System limbic-talk, the feeling inferior and dissatisfied.

Comments on Kyroots. Every emotional exchange/conversion, [e.g., lovers: happiness (how I love her!) -suspicion (she’s late, what’s she up to) -anger (dammit! where is she) -guilt (she arrives, car wouldn’t start) -self condemnation (how could I think badly of her?) -realization-forgiveness-happiness is not a sequence of separate emotions, rather, they are like waves in the ocean, an oscillation with illusion of movement.

Power doesn’t speak the commoner’s language.

Improvisation; we see it 3 times a week!

SOP for Life thru man: nothing arrives in its final form or it would be dead.
Division for growth example: orthodoxy is exclusive of a few central strongly held convictions; progressive wing is inclusive of new ideas. The progressives have the ‘nucleus’ in the split and will continue to grow; the orthodoxy may survive but is moribund.
A new Kyroot: “(In the Bushes) It’s wonderful not to want anything!”; (in the City) “What a tragedy not to want anything!”

1:13 End of Public Tape. Comments on possibilities of improving effects of physical infirmities. Food type and amount affects your sense of time and cortical/limbic-talk. The only cure for whining is silence. It is not your obligation to deal with disagreeable people and/or ideas; not your personal obligation, don’t do it!